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Range is a suite of workplace tools that helps large teams move fast.

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Coordination overhead
slows everything down

You know the feeling: You’re drowning in emails and meetings, stretched to your limit, and yet it’s still hard to know what’s happening.

Stay in sync
with less busywork

Range helps everyone stay in sync and feel connected so that you’ll have more time to focus on work that matters.

Coordination tools
that teams actually love

Range reduces coordination costs with thoughtfully designed tools for status updates, meetings, and goals.

Keep everyone aligned

With Range, you can align high-level goals with what’s happening on the ground, so that everyone has insight into how projects are progressing. Set quarterly goals, review them in weekly meetings, and log work as it happens with quick status updates.

“As a rapidly growing startup, our product team was in clear need of better cross team communication and collaboration. Range was instrumental in filling that need.”

Build a culture
that helps you move fast

Break down silos and help teams build a foundation of trust.

“The team building questions give us the opportunity to connect on a personal level. They help our leaders model vulnerability and develop empathy.”

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Watch how your team can use Range to stay in sync, build trust, run better meetings, track goals, and more.

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