Meeting Agendas for high performing teams

Ready-to-use templates for 1:1s, sprint planning, retros, and more

July 20, 2021Yellow Squiggle

Having a meeting agenda is one of the top pieces of advice for running effective meetings, but creating a good meeting agenda isn’t always easy.

Meeting agendas are purpose-built to achieve specific goals based on the meeting type. A 1:1 won’t have the same agenda as a sprint planning meeting, but both benefit from having a meeting agenda to keep things on track.

Whether you’re starting a new meeting or adapting an old one, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out the right agenda for your meeting. The best sources of advice are often teammates and other leaders who have run those meetings before: They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why Range has a library of meeting templates to help teams get started running great meetings. No matter what kind of meeting they’re trying to run. Whether it’s a team retrospective or a board meeting, you can find a template within the Range library. And these templates are just designed by Range — they come from real teams like yours.

Range Meetings Template library

Read on to learn more about meeting templates and the Range library.

What is a meeting agenda?

A meeting agenda is a list of ordered topics discussed in a meeting. Meeting agendas range from a simple list to a detailed description of what to discuss and why it’s important.

Meeting agendas are important because they help keep the meeting on track and ensure it achieves its purpose. Without a meeting agenda, it’s easy to forget what needs to be discussed or let the meeting get off track discussing one topic for the entire hour.

For recurring meetings, meetings agendas are particularly important because they help establish habits of what the team discusses each week or month.

What is a template meeting agenda?

Template meeting agendas are example meeting agendas that teams can copy and adapt for their own meetings. Each meeting template is designed for a specific type of meeting, e.g., a team planning meeting. The meeting agenda includes the topic and a description of what the team should discuss.

Here are a few examples of the templates in the Range library:

How do I use a Range meeting template?

To get started, decide what type of meeting you’d like to run. Search for a template in the Range meetings template library and read through. You copy the meeting template, and adapt it to your specific team’s needs: you might need to edit a section, add links, or assign a topic owner.

To use the template, you can copy it into a document, or run the meeting directly in Range using the Range meeting tool, which automatically loads your agenda and helps you facilitate an effective meeting.

Who designed these meeting template agendas?

Range works with hundreds of teams at top forward-thinking companies like Twitter and the Washington Post. Each of the template agendas is based on how real teams operate. Plus, you’ll see custom templates from specific teams, so you can model your team meeting after best-in-class teams.

And if you have a meeting that you think is great, we’d love to see it! Share your template with

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​​Meeting Agendas for high performing teams
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