The 12 best meeting agenda examples & templates (Free)

Free meeting agenda templates for 1:1s, team meetings, sprint planning, and more

February 1, 2022Yellow Squiggle

Having an agenda for your meeting is one of the top ground rules for running effective meetings, but creating a good meeting agenda isn’t always easy.

Meeting agendas are purpose-built to achieve specific goals based on the meeting type. A 1:1 won’t have the same agenda as a sprint planning meeting, but both benefit from having a meeting agenda to keep things on track.

Whether you’re starting a new meeting or adapting an old one, it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out the right agenda for your meeting. The best sources of advice are often teammates and other leaders who have run those meetings before: They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why Range has a library of meeting templates to help teams get started running great meetings.

No matter what kind of meeting they’re trying to run.

Whether it’s a team retrospective or a board meeting, you can find a template within the Range library.

And these meeting templates are just designed by Range — they come from real teams like yours.

Read on to learn more about meeting templates and the Range library.

Range Meetings Template library

Here are the best, free meeting agenda templates for your team.

1. Sprint planning meeting template

A meeting template for a planning meeting for a 2 or 4 week sprint in scrum. In Scrum, projects are broken up into 2 or 4-week sprints. Sprint Planning initiates the sprint by deciding what work will be performed. The process is collaborative and should involve every team member.

sprint planning meeting template

Like any good meeting, an effective sprint planning meeting needs an agenda. The agenda is straight forward, but will keep your team focused and the meeting on track.

Sprint planning meeting agenda items:

  • What's our availability? ( 5 mins )
  • Why is this sprint valuable? ( 20 mins )
  • What can be done this sprint? ( 60 mins )
  • How will the work get done? ( 30 mins )
  • How are we feeling about the sprint? ( 5 mins )

2. Weekly 1:1 meeting template

A weekly check-in between a manager and report to share feedback, keep each other in the loop, resolve issues, discuss big topics, and help each other grow in their roles.

weekly 1-1 meeting template

Weekly 1:1 meeting agenda items:

  • How are we both doing? ( 3 mins )
  • Follow-ups from last week? ( 2 mins )
  • Where are you blocked? How can I help? ( 5 mins )
  • What else do you want to surface or discuss? ( 10 mins )
  • How are we working toward your goals? ( 8 mins )
  • Any feedback for me? ( 2 mins )

3. Scrum meeting template

As part of an agile process used by software development teams, the scrum meeting is a way to set your team up for the day’s work.

Scrum meetings should be a quick exchange of information — they should not be used for problem-solving or discussion. If issues are raised, take them offline and deal with them with a subgroup immediately after the meeting.

scrum meeting template Range

Scrum meeting agenda items:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Blockers
  • Closing round

4. Retrospective meeting template

A meeting template for a retrospective meeting to reflect on work. Submitted by First Round Capital.

retrospective meeting agenda template Range

Retrospective meeting agenda items:

  • Biggest accomplishment
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Lessons learned
  • Enigmas
  • Opportunities

5. Reflection & planning meeting template

When teams and their leaders come together to reflect on a past project, year, or quarter, the team’s unique insights can not only help them feel empowered about their own work but can also help guide conversations with leaders about what's possible.

We'd recommend running an async reflection activity before the meeting to help team members identify some of their takeaways from past year or the project in advance.

reflection meeting template Range

Reflection & planning meeting agenda items:

  • Icebreaker
  • Review the past year, quarter, or project
  • Connect the dots
  • Create your plan
  • Closing round & feelings check

6. Weekly Team Meeting Template

This simple weekly team meeting template will keep your meeting on track, make sure everyone is included, and encourage accountability and followthrough.

weekly team meeting template Range

Weekly team meeting agenda items:

  • Check-ins
  • Metrics review
  • Monthly milestone progress
  • Success & learnings
  • Topic sharing & updates
  • Closing round

7. Skip level one-on-one meeting template

Skip-level meetings are where senior managers, VP, or the CEO meet with fellow employees who are not direct report. Execs will get more visibility into the everyday work. Individual contributors can use the time to learn more about company strategy, objectives, and goals.

skip level meeting template Range

Skip level one-on-one meeting agenda items:

  • Break the ice
  • How's the team?
  • What are you working on?
  • What are your personal goals?
  • As a company, is there anything we should change?
  • Open forum
  • Check-out / closing round

8. Brainstorming meeting template

The purpose of a brainstorming meeting is to bring together a small group of participants with different perspectives to generate ideas around a question or problem.

Before the session, the meeting facilitator should share a description of this question or problem along with details about scope/constraints, examples of how the question has been addressed in the past, at the organization or elsewhere.

brainstorming meeting template Range

Brainstorming meeting agenda items:

  • Check-in
  • Problem overview
  • Ideation
  • Gallery "walk"
  • Check-out

9. Project Kick-Off Meeting Template

When starting a project, create alignment at the start. You can use the time to strengthen relationships and receive clarity on the expected outcomes.

project kick-off meeting template Range

Project kick-off meeting agenda items:

  • Opening round
  • Project context
  • What's important?
  • Build an agenda
  • Closing round & check-out

10. Leadership team meeting template

Connect to make important decisions for the company. With meeting templates in Range, you can take notes, set the agenda, and create action items. Everyone leaves with a clear idea of what to do.

leadership team meeting template Range

Leadership team meeting agenda items:

  • Metrics
  • Team updates
  • Project review
  • Build an agenda
  • Other topics and output
  • Check-out and closing round

11. Customer feedback meeting template

Meet with customers to gather useful feedback about your product. Use this standardized meeting template for feedback calls. Then, it becomes easy to track in one location.

customer feedback meeting template Range

Customer feedback meeting agenda items:

  • Opening round
  • Outline the purpose & agenda
  • Feedback questions
  • Requests & issues
  • Closing round

12. Daily standup meeting template

Standup meetings are very important! They can make or break a the effectiveness of a team over time.

Recurring standup meetings provide teams a focused way to align around what is happening in the business, plan daily work accordingly, and remove blockers.

Inline image

Daily standup meeting agenda items:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. What blockers stand in your way?

What is a meeting agenda?

A meeting agenda is a list of ordered topics discussed in a meeting. Meeting agendas range from a simple list to a detailed description of what to discuss and why it’s important.

Meeting agendas are important because they help keep the meeting on track and ensure it achieves its purpose. Without a meeting agenda, it’s easy to forget what needs to be discussed or let the meeting get off track discussing one topic for the entire hour.

For recurring meetings, meetings agendas are particularly important because they help establish habits of what the team discusses each week or month.

What is an example of a meeting agenda?

Meeting agenda templates are sample meeting agendas that your team can copy and adapt for their own meetings.

Each meeting template is designed for a specific type of meeting, e.g., a team planning meeting. The meeting agenda includes the topic and a description of what the team should discuss.

With Range, you can more work done with fewer meetings.

  • Easily facilitate balanced discussions that make every meeting worthwhile
  • Keep everyone included and on track with much less effort.
  • Build agendas, record actions, and share notes automatically
  • Create a recurring agenda for all the topics your team discusses every week from metrics to project updates.
  • Empower discussion by building a collaborative agenda & spinning to select others to speak
  • Easily document notes from each topic to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Share notes via Slack & email

Pick a meeting agenda template from above or learn more about meetings in Range.

Meeting templates FAQ

Your questions answered

How do I use a Range meeting template?Show/hide the answer

To get started, decide what type of meeting you’d like to run. Search for a template in the Range meetings template library and read through. You copy the meeting template, and adapt it to your specific team’s needs: you might need to edit a section, add links, or assign a topic owner.

To use the template, you can copy it into a document, or run the meeting directly in Range using the meetings feature, which automatically loads your agenda and helps you facilitate an effective meeting.

How do I create a meeting agenda template?Show/hide the answer

It depends on the type of meeting, of course. But generally, you will want to include these meeting agenda items:

  • Check-in with each other
  • Metrics
  • Team updates
  • Project review
  • Discuss action items and topics
  • Other topics and output
  • Check-out and closing round

Who designed these meeting template agendas?Show/hide the answer

Range works with hundreds of teams at top forward-thinking companies like Twitter and SeatGeek. Each of the template agendas is based on how real teams operate. Plus, you’ll see custom templates from specific teams, so you can model your team meeting after best-in-class teams.

And if you have a meeting that you think is great, we’d love to see it! Share your template with

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12 Free Meeting Agenda Examples & Templates
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