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The foundation of teamwork

Teams support each other to reach common goals, and the foundation of successful teams is trust. Building trust requires creating an environment where people feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable, an environment where people can ask for and receive help.

To strengthen the fabric of teamwork, teams need to intentionally craft interactions that encourage vulnerability (as simple as saying how you’re feeling or what you're doing on the weekend). These activities and behaviors lead to trust and, in turn, to belonging — the key part of a team’s culture that makes it feel like a real team.

Teams without this foundation aren’t as effective. If you want to learn more about what makes effective teams, a great reference is Google’s Project Aristotle.

Building a healthy team culture is an investment. With Range, your team can create these interactions every day and make critical investments in the foundation of your culture.

The art and science of team questions

The final part of a daily check-in with Range is the team question (there are more than 300 built in). We carefully designed each question with team coaches and organizational psychologists. They cover foundational topics like communication styles, growth mindset, feedback, and more.

We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about this feature; the questions help people feel connected, and help teams build trust over time. There are different themes that cover everything from what people like to cook to how people like to receive feedback.

If you’d like to use these questions during other occasions, such as the beginnings of meetings, check out our free Icebreaker tool.

Hooked on a feeling

That most basic, universal question “How are you feeling” is also one of the most powerful tools we have for connecting. You can do this in Range by using moods to help each person on your team share how they’re feeling.

Each day as you Check-in, you can choose to share your mood as an emoji. It’s a good way to check in on your own emotions, and help you navigate the day. For example, if you realize you’re grumpy in the morning can give you a bit more perspective on how you’re approaching work and interactions with your teammates and others. And knowing how someone else is feeling helps you interpret their actions.

You can view your team’s mood trends, but this is only visible on team pages and email updates for teams. Other people can’t see your mood trends on your profile, apart from looking at each individual Check-in one-by-one.

Everyone’s mood is featured at the top of the Home page on Range, so you can quickly get a sense of how the team is collectively feeling every day.

As your team builds the habit of sharing their moods and answering questions everyday, it will strengthen their connections, and build the trust that forms the foundation of teamwork.

To learn more about how to foster team culture, be sure to view the culture section of our blog.

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