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Before asking your team to sign into Range, it can be helpful to tell your team more about what Range is. Feel free to use the below information to speak or email with your team about Range.

Range Labs builds software to help teams and organizations operate better. Their team has worked at places like Medium, GV, Intercom, Typekit, and Google. They combine theoretical research with best practices of top functioning teams to build software for teams.

We’re working with Range as part of their Alpha release where we’ll use the Range tool to share daily check-ins about what we’ve been doing and give each other recognition for great work.

Our goal is to use Range to help us as a team to communicate better and connect with one another. The Range team will also be helping us to better understand how we work and give us guidance. You can think of it like having a sports trainer—even athletes performing at the top of their field can use someone watching their movements and giving pro tips.

The team at Range is very curious to hear your feedback along the way. If you have any thoughts about how the product could be better for you, don't hesitate to reach out to them at

If you’re already doing daily standups, you can also mention that Range will take the place of existing tools or methods.

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