Integrations overview

An overview of the different services and applications that integrate with Range

According to a 2018 report, companies with 1-10 employees use an average of 26 SaaS applications, while 251-1000 employees use an average of 124.

Our own research suggests the average employee is regularly using 5-6 different applications to complete their work. With work spread over so many tools it can be increasingly difficult to identify what you've got done and what you need to do. Range's integration strategy aims to help with this.

Systems of communication

Range connects to wherever your communication takes place, such as email, chat or video. We deliver notifications, summaries, and more.

Systems of record

Range also integrates with systems that store canonical data and track your day to day work. This includes project management systems, collaborative document editing, issue tracking systems, CRMs, and code management systems.

We want to sense the work you're doing across different tools and make it easy to share that work with your team.

Native integrations

For services that support OAuth and are highly requested we provide first-class native integrations with Range. Simply link your tools from within Range and everything will be configured in the background.

Chrome extension

For services without OAuth, or an appropriate API, we support them using the Range Chrome extension. Simply install the extension and log into Range. You'll start seeing suggestions from supported tools as you write your Range Check-ins.

  • Apollo
  • Confluence
  • Dropbox Paper
  • Figma (in browser only)
  • Google Drive (if OAuth apps are disabled)
  • Medium
  • Quip

If your favorite service isn't supported, please let us know.

Follow your dreams: Build your own Integration

Our API supports both webhooks and REST/RPC as a way of integrating other systems. These can be done yourself, through Zapier, or you can contact us for a custom integration.


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