Navigating Range

An overview of how to navigate Range following the April 27 update

As of April 27, 2020, you’ll notice that a few changes have been made to the navigational items in Range.

What’s changed?

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A simplified left-side navigation

Each of the changes made to Range’s navigational items is intended to make it easier for you and your teammates to find specific types of information, such as check-ins from teammates or notes from meetings. Nowhere is this intent more evident than with the left-side navigation — we cut down the number of items here.

You’ll also notice that the search function and your profile have been moved. You’ll find them on the right side of the new top navigation bar.

As for the teams that might once have appeared here, links to individuals teams you follow and are a member of have been moved to the Team Directory section.

The new top navigation bar

To provide you a more consistent experience, we’ve introduced a new top navigation bar across all pages in Range. It includes:

  • Information about the current page you’re on
  • Filters and controls for the current page you’re on
  • A consistent location for the search field and your profile

Simplified team profiles

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Team pages held a lot of information prior to this update, and they still do! We have, however, done away with the bevy of team sub-pages that surfaced views of Check-ins, Objectives, Meetings, Flags, Artifacts, and team-building questions.

With this update, navigation for Check-ins, Objectives, and Meetings are now at the top of team home pages where they link to top-level pages with filters automatically applied for the specific team whose page you were just on.

Contacting Range support

Previously, you could chat with Range support using the circular chat button in the bottom right corner. This button tended to get in the way of the content, so we’ve moved it to be an option at the bottom of the left navigation called “Chat with support”.

As always, you can also email us at if you prefer email.

Why were these updates made?

All of these updates were developed and implemented to provide Range users with increased clarity, organization, and consistency. We believe these changes will make it much easier for you and your teammates to find specific information in Range.

For example, if a user wanted to review Check-ins from a team, we found (through research) that it was much more likely for them to look for a Check-ins page and search for a team rather than to go to that team’s page to search for check-ins.

We also believe that new users will now find it much easier to find their way around Range, as the primary features we talk about on our website — Check-ins, Objectives, Meetings, and Team Directory — are now more prominent elements in our left-side navigation.

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