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Using moods in your Check-in

Using moods to build psychological safety and team effectiveness.

Range helps teams establish trust, build deeper connections, and achieve greater alignment. Using moods in your daily check-in plays an important part in meeting these goals and connecting with your team.

What are moods?

Moods let you reflect on your emotions and share how you’re feeling with your team.

How do I share my mood?

Every time you write your daily check-in you’ll have the opportunity to share how you're feeling. Instead of writing out an answer, you can choose from a variety of emojis to represent your mood.

Whether you want to stick with the basics 😊 😴 😷 or share something a bit more unique, 😎 💪 💃 there’s sure to be an emoji that fits how you’re feeling.

💡 Tip: You can change the skin tone of some emojis to better represent you.

Why should I use moods?

It might feel a bit unusual or silly to share how you’re feeling, but there are a lot of benefits to checking in with your team in this way. Perhaps most importantly is that sharing your mood helps to establish an environment of psychological safety.

Psychological safety, or the ability to show emotion without the fear of negative consequences, is essential when it comes to team effectiveness. Here are some of the ways psychological safety can benefit you and your team:

  • It helps you build trust, which is fundamental to a well-functioning team
  • It motivates you to share ideas and to innovate
  • It results in a willingness to admit, discuss, and learn from mistakes
  • It allows you to bring your authentic self to work, giving your team the chance to get to know who you are beyond your job title
  • It encourages transparency and vulnerability, leading to deeper connections and improved emotional wellbeing

🙌 Wow! All of that from an emoji? 😄 😄 😄 Sharing moods in your daily check-in is a simple, healthy habit that can be the start to a long term and positive shift. Updating your team about how you’re feeling empowers emotions at work and establishes psychological safety -- the cornerstone of team effectiveness, performance, and innovation. What team wouldn’t want that?


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