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When should I publish a Check-in?

How to publish in the way that’s right for your team

What this article covers:

  • Try checking in daily
  • Check in whatever time works best for you
  • Use Range throughout the day
  • Editing a Check-in if you need to
  • Don’t worry if you miss Check-in

Try checking in daily

Most teams share Check-ins daily, and we recommend trying to get everyone on your team to make it a habit if you can. Not only does it help the whole team stay in sync, especially when you’re collaborating closely, but it’s a great way to plan your day, establish your focus, and feel more in control.

Check in whatever time works best for you

When you check-in depends on how you and your team prefer to connect. Range is designed to help people on different schedules, whether that’s because each person has different work times during the day, or the team is spread out over multiple time zones.

You’ll get a reminder from Range at 9:00 AM in the morning in your current timezone, and most people do Check-ins around then. But some folks like sharing at lunch or even when they are winding down for the day. Find what works best for your workflow and share a Check-in then.

Use Range throughout the day

A lot of people use their Check-in as a checklist. Keep it open in another tab and cross off tasks as you go, which can help maintain focus. Because your Check-in is private until you publish it, you can think of it as a space where you can plan, work, and clean up your updates before sharing with anyone else.

For example, you can jot down a quick note that only makes sense to you in your Check-in, and then go back once the task is complete to add the right amount of context for your team and publish.

Editing a Check-in if you need to

Once you publish your Check-in, you can still edit it after it’s shared. If you notice a typo or forgot to add something, that’s a good scenario for an edit. But we don't recommend editing Check-ins regularly as they can get out of sync with notifications like Slack and email. So try not to use this feature too much.

If you can't wait to share a change, try using Slack or email. Fun fact: if you send a message on Slack, you can include it in your check-in with Slack actions (which can be found to the right of any slack message in the … button).

To edit, add, or remove something from your check-in, click the (...) icon in the upper-right of the card.

Don’t worry if you miss Check-in

If you miss an update or two, don't fret. Just jump back in with what you're working on currently, and if needed, give a brief update on what you've finished in the last few days. Some teams find it useful to heck-in a few times a week, which is enough for them to stay in sync. Find your groove and try to stick with it.

We want to improve support for more workflows, so if your team checks in on a timeframe other than daily, we'd love to hear from you.


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