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Accomplishment Log

Build a log of your personal accomplishments, so you'll always have a record of what you’ve done.

Keep a log of your work

Spend 5 minutes each morning planning your day with Range, and you'll soon build up a detailed log of your accomplishments. Range Integrations make it easy to add completed work like edited documents, pull requests, designs, and more.

Find opportunities for growth

Range helps you build personal accountability by reminding you of your plan for the day. See if you accomplished your goals or got distracted by unimportant work. Use Retros to look back over longer time periods and spot patterns.

Track accomplishments

Do you remember your biggest accomplishments over the last six months? Don't wait until performance reviews to start keeping track. Range can help you remember your big wins, and find all the related files whenever you need them.

Foster transparency

Make your work, knowledge, and decisions visible, so that everyone can make more informed decisions. With greater context and transparency, you can help break down information silos that get in the way of collaboration.

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