Range enterprise

Foster visibility accross teams. By integrating with the tools you use each day, Range keeps teams informed and surfaces important work that might otherwise go unseen. With this better source of truth, Range builds transparency into the processes that connects your team with others.

  • Break down silos

    Make work, knowledge, and decisions visible to collaborators and stakeholders so everyone is able to make informed decisions.

  • Follow any team

    Keep up to date with the work of other teams you collaborate with so that no one has to guess who’s doing what.

  • Improve resilience

    With greater context and transparency, your team will be better equipped to transition and pivot when necessary.

Increase cross-team visibility

Sharing daily updates build awareness across teams by making work, documents, and decisions accessible for all.

Artifact tracking in Range exposes files, code, tickets, and links added to daily updates from your team and the teams you follow to simplify cross-team collaboration.

Tracking goals and OKRs in Range, where everyone can easily review and see who’s actually contributing to them, increases alignment between teams.

Stay informed, increase transparency, and make better decisions together.

“Range has been an indispensable way to increase transparency, trust, productivity, and connectedness.”

  • Detailed team directory

    Find out who your teammates and collaborators are, and what they’ve been working on, all in one place.

  • Cross-team collaboration

    Follow other teams you collaborate with to receive their updates and see the progress they’re making toward shared goals.

  • A better source of truth

    As your teams scale, Range makes sure that all of your work remains visible across teams and is accessible for everyone.

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Empower your team with Range

Free for teams up to 10 peopleNo credit card required

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