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Plan your day

Use your time wisely. Take a few minutes each day to make a plan. Feel less overwhelmed, and more in control.

Use your time wisely

Spending a few minutes to plan your day is the best way to be more productive with your time, and feel less overwhelmed with everything going on. Range helps you make a realistic plan for your day, and reflect back on how it went.

All your tasks in one place

If you use a bunch of different tools different tools at work, your tasks are probably scattered everywhere. Range Integrations bring together all your tasks, so you have all the information you need to plan your day.

Show your work

Don’t leave your manager and other teammates wondering what you’ve been doing. Range lets you share your daily plan as a Check-in with your team, so you can all stay in sync with less nagging and fewer meetings.

Log your accomplishments

Range compiles a personal Accomplishment Log as as you use it each day, so you can look back and remember what you’ve done. It’s extremely helpful when preparing for 1:1s and performance reviews.

Plan your day, and share with your team.


See all your tasks in one place. Bring together GitHub, Jira, Asana, Google Docs, Calendar, and more.

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Keep your team in sync with just 5-minutes a day, no matter where they are. Rethink your daily standup.

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Add Range to your team’s Slack channel, and it’ll be easy to stay in sync with Check-ins, Objectives, Flags, and more.

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