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Look back at the work that’s happened over any time period. Spot patterns and trends.

Remember what happened

The core activity of a retrospective meeting is to remember what went well, and what could have gone better. With advanced search filters, you can use Range to look back at what happened over any period of time. Jog everyone's memory about a project from start to finish, including every Check-in, Flag, and Meeting.

Discuss real challenges

It's critical to start your retrospective with the right mindset. In order to improve as a team, people have to be open to discussing real challenges and mistakes. Range makes this possible by helping your team build trust and psychological safety over time.

Weekly summaries

Let's face it, we don't always have time for a formal retrospective meetings. Range helps your team reflect by sending a weekly summary email with the most relevant items from the week, including analytics on how you're spending your time.

See work across tools

Because Range has integrations with your tools, it lets you see the documents, designs, code changes, and tasks that your team has been working on, all in one place.

Understand what's happened


Keep your team in sync with just 5-minutes a day, no matter where they are. Rethink your daily standup.

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Accomplishment Log

Build a log of your personal accomplishments, so you'll always have a record of what you’ve done.

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Track goals and build alignment on your team. Create transparency across your entire organization.

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