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First Round Capital's retrospective agenda

Cultivate a culture of growth by reflecting on your plans and execution.

First Round Capital's Whitnie Narcisse leads the 15 person Operating Team who support the broad and diverse portfolio through custom software, advising programs, events, and more.

The team operates on 120 day planning and execution cycles. Whitnie wants to build a culture of continuous development and personal growth, and one of the key tools is a group retrospective at the end of every cycle, which encourages reflection, celebration, and continuous improvement.


1. Biggest accomplishment ( 5 mins )

If you were to send a one sentence headline to our team about your past 120 days, what would it be?

2. Highlights ( 15 mins )

What are three things from your Plan that went really well over the past 120 days?

3. Lowlights ( 15 mins )

What are three things from your Plan that did not go well over the past 120 days?

4. Lessons learned ( 15 mins )

What are your 1-3 biggest learnings from the past 120 days?

5. Enigmas ( 10 mins )

What still puzzles you? What challenges remain unsolved?

6. Opportunities ( 10 mins )

What is 1 thing our team could do to work better together?

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