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Scrum meeting agenda

A quick daily pulse check for teams running agile processes.

As part of an agile process used by software development teams, the scrum meeting is a way to set your team up for the day’s work.

Scrum meetings should be a quick exchange of information β€” they should not be used for problem-solving or discussion. If issues are raised, take them offline and deal with them with a subgroup immediately after the meeting.


1. What did you do yesterday? ( 3 mins )

Give a quick rundown of what you got done yesterday, including planned and unplanned work. This doesn’t need to include the full to-do list, but things that took the majority of your time or are relevant to the whole team.

2. What will you do today? ( 3 mins )

Share the main things you plan to accomplish today so your team can hold you accountable in tomorrows meeting.

3. Blockers ( 4 mins )

Are there any impediments in your way?