Feeling like a team

Feel like a tight-knit team

Range helps you build team culture, so your team can work better together and get more done.

Recognize great work

Easily thank teammates for their work so they feel appreciated.

Effective team building

With just a few minutes a day, you can improve how your team works together.

Feel connected

Monitor how your team is feeling, so you can support each other.

Updates in Range

Get on the same page

Range helps you share simple daily updates so everyone knows what’s happening and can support each other.

Questions items in Range

Daily questions improve how your team works

With Range, you’ll get daily team-building questions designed by expert coaches to improve communication, trust, psychological safety, camaraderie, and more.

Celebrating success

Celebrate success

Range makes it fun to thank each other for great work, which helps everyone feel appreciated for their efforts.

Moods in Range

See how teammates are feeling

Whether you’re all in the same office or spread across the globe, Range makes it easy to see how people are feeling. Sharing an emoji is more than fun. It's a powerful way to stay connected.

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