Range Check-in with comments

Get feedback sooner

Getting feedback earlier in the design process makes the work better, but this can be hard to put in practice. Range makes it easy to share design work with your team through regular Check-ins. You can also follow along with relevant design work, making it easier to give feedback to your team.

Following multiple squads and teams

Keep stakeholders informed

Because designers work with so many stakeholders, it’s difficult to communicate progress to everyone. Share a Check-in with Range and have it automatically delivered to all your teams. With less standup meetings, you’ll have more time to get stuff done.

“Range has been an indispensable way to increase productivity, transparency, trust, and connectedness.”

Range integrations with Dropbox, Figma, Asana

Works with Sketch, Figma, and more

We’re designers too, and wanted to make sure sharing designs was super simple. Range highlights your recently edited design Figma documents and Sketch files (through integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive). Easily drag your designs into a Check-in and share with your team.

“Integrating Range into our daily workflow has been amazing. It allows conversations and meetings to focus on how people are doing and not what people are working on.”

Team question: When you're feeling unmotivated, how do you recharge?

Strengthen your design culture

Culture is crucial to design teams. The only way to have great critiques is to build a culture where people feel safe enough to show their work, and supported enough to truly listen to feedback. Range helps your team build up vulnerability and trust with thoughtfully designed team questions.

“Range has been an indispensable way to increase productivity, transparency, trust, and connectedness.”


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Strengthen culture

Build trust and connectedness with daily questions designed by expert team coaches.

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