Planning your day in Range

Boost your productivity

When you’re able to focus on the projects that really matter, you’re more productive. Range helps you build a simple habit of planning your day. Take 5 minutes to decide what’s important and you’ll be more focused and productive for the rest of the day.

Range integrations showing tasks in Asana, GitHub, etc.

See all your tasks in one place

Range connects to your favorite tools, so that you see all your assigned work in one place. If you’re in engineering, you’ll see PRs that need review, or Jira tickets assigned to you. Don’t work with code? No problem. Check out your Asana or Trello cards alongside your Google Calendar agenda for the day.

Profile with completed work

Document your accomplishments

It can be hard to remember what happened over the last week, let alone an entire performance review period. Range helps you log your accomplishments as they happen, so you’ll have a detailed record when it’s time for performance reviews.

Range Check-in with comments

Make your work visible

Does your manager know what you’re working on and how all your projects are progressing? When you share a Check-in with Range, it helps everyone on your team get a clear picture of what each other are doing across their commitments.

Team qustion about what to do when you feel unmotivated

Connect with your team

Whether you’re in the office or remote, building relationships and feeling like a close-knit team can be tough. Range helps you get to know your teammates with thoughtfully designed questions and delightful emoji moods. Start your day connecting with your team and build the trust that’s the foundation of great teamwork.

Accomplishment Log

Build a log of your personal accomplishments, so you'll always have a record of what you’ve done.

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Strengthen culture

Build trust and connectedness with daily questions designed by expert team coaches.

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See all your tasks in one place. Bring together GitHub, Jira, Asana, Google Docs, Calendar, and more.

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