Range Check-in with tasks

Know what’s happening with less busywork

You need to know what your team is doing. But status meetings waste valuable time, and no one likes it when you nag them for progress updates. Range lets you see how your team’s progressing with simple daily Check-ins that include deep links to the work. Stay in sync and have more time to get stuff done.

“With Range check-ins, it doesn't matter if we're in different cities or countries, we still know what each other is working on and the plan for the day.”

Photo of a team meeting in a conference room

Fewer meetings. Better meetings.

Because daily Check-ins keep everyone in the know, you’ll need fewer meetings. You’ll have more time to discuss important topics and more time for actual work. Range helps you save even more time with a meeting facilitation tool that sends out notes automatically.

Flags in Range: Asking for feedback. Calling out being blocked.

See who needs help

One of your most important roles as a manager is to help out teammates when they’re feeling stuck. Range encourages teammates to raise a Flag if they’re blocked or need feedback. Spot issues sooner and keep your team working smoothly.

Profile in Range, with recent work

More productive 1-on-1 meetings

Walk into a 1-on-1 knowing what teammates have been working on so you can dive right into important topics. Range helps you quickly get up to speed with teammate profiles that show current work and recent accomplishments..

Range objectives: A tree of goals with owners and current status

Keep your team aligned with Objectives

Set up Objectives for your team, so everyone is headed in the same direction. Then connect Objectives to higher-level company goals so teammates understand how their work fits, and why it matters. Familiar #tags let you easily reference your goals from anywhere.

Team qustion about what to do when you feel unmotivated

Build the foundations of teamwork

Many companies run annual HR pulse surveys to measure their culture. But it’s managers’ job to constantly be building a culture that leads to an effective team. Range helps you strengthen team culture each week. Team questions (designed by experts) let you learn about each others’ approach to work, communication, and more.

“Range helps Wellthy maintain our culture, foster transparency and accountability among the team, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and stay on top of what’s important.”


Keep your team in sync with just 5-minutes a day, no matter where they are. Rethink your daily standup.

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Track goals and build alignment on your team. Create transparency across your entire organization.

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Feeling stuck? Need feedback on something? Raise a flag and your teammates will be notified.

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