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Keep teams moving fast as you scale

As companies grow, coordination costs tend to get out of control and slow everything down. Range makes coordination easier in dozens of ways, from transparent goals to automatically sending meeting notes. When the right information is available to the people who need it, everyone spends less time trying to figure out what’s happening, and more time getting stuff done.

Logos of integrations: Asana, GitHub, Jira, Google Docs, and more.

See what’s happening across tools

Your teams are probably using dozens of different tools, each well suited for their purpose. But that means it’s increasingly difficult to look across the company and see what any given team or person is doing. Range solves this by integrating with the tools each team uses, and helping people curate relevant work to include in their daily Check-in. That means cross-functional teams and directors can finally see the important work that’s happening, no matter what tool the team’s using.

“Range helps Wellthy maintain our culture, foster transparency and accountability among the team, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and stay on top of what’s important.”

Company objectives

Align effort towards company objectives

Every employee should know the company’s main objectives, and how their work contributes to each. Range helps you build that alignment by setting up Objectives that won’t get lost in spreadsheets. Keep objectives easy to access from your team directory and front of mind in your team meetings.

Team directory

Know who’s working on what

In today’s workplace, people often work across multiple teams, and contribute to several objectives. Range helps you track all this with a team directory that goes beyond reporting structures to model the work that’s happening. Rich profiles help you learn what each other are working on, and make a large company feel small again.

Four clocks on the wall with different time zones

Support distributed and remote teams

Even if your workforce isn’t 100% distributed, your teams are probably more distributed than you think. When employees are spread across offices, traveling to see clients, working from home, or on flexible schedules, they’re essentially working in a distributed manner. Range is designed to support distributed teams by helping to keep everyone in sync, even across time zones.

“My engineering team is distributed across the globe, so it can be hard to stay in sync. With Range, it's finally easy to know who’s working on what.”


Track goals and build alignment on your team. Create transparency across your entire organization.

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Strengthen culture

Build trust and connectedness with daily questions designed by expert team coaches.

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Team Directory

Easily see what any person or team is working on, across your entire organization.

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