Check-in with Range

Stay connected from anywhere

Keep everyone in the loop with less back and forth no matter where they are. Range reminds everyone to check-in with their team each day, so you’ll know what’s done and what’s next.

Range Slack Bot

Stay focused with Slack

The Range bot is an essential addition to your team’s Slack channel. It’s like a coach that gently reminds everyone to check in each day. With just a glance, see what teammates are doing and where they might need help. That means less interruptions from people asking about project status, and more time to get stuff done.

“My engineering team is distributed across the globe, so it can be hard to stay in sync. With Range, it's finally easy to know who’s working on what.”

Working across time zones

Work seamlessly across time zones

We designed Range to keep teams in sync, even when they’re spread across the globe. You’ll get customized reminders in your current timezone, and Range makes it easy to catch up on what’s been happening while you were offline.

“With Range check-ins, it doesn't matter if we're in different cities or countries, we still know what each other is working on and the plan for the day.”

Team questions

Feel like a tight-knit team

Carefully designed team questions help your team build trust and psychological safety. Learn about each other’s communication styles, approaches to work, preferences on receiving feedback, and more. Plus, Range is loaded with thoughtful culture-building features that help you all work together better.

“The team building questions give us the opportunity to connect on a personal level. They help our leaders model vulnerability and develop empathy.”


Keep your team in sync with just 5-minutes a day, no matter where they are. Rethink your daily standup.

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Strengthen culture

Build trust and connectedness with daily questions designed by expert team coaches.

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Add Range to your team’s Slack channel, and it’ll be easy to stay in sync with Check-ins, Objectives, Flags, and more.

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