Slack collaboration tools that will improve your team’s collaboration

Boost team collaboration with these Slack tools

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Slack helps small and large teams simplify collaboration by providing a single hub for communication, reports, and files. Whatever teamwork you do, your company can do it in Slack - thanks to the myriad of integrated team collaboration software tools in the Slack App directory.

We've put together a list of 14 integrated tools from Slack to help you boost your team's productivity, streamline your work tasks, and create a seamless and collaborative workflow between your favorite apps.

These apps will help you manage your projects and file sharing, stay on top of your tasks, run virtual communication standups, access data from other apps, and more - all while creating a positive user experience. Slack is free for use, but the free plan allows up to 10 app integrations per workplace team, so choose wisely!

If you’d like to suggest an app for this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @RangeLabs.

Google Calendar

Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Google Calendar

Keep your team in sync with your daily schedule and never miss a meeting again.

Google Calendar for Slack automatically syncs your calendar events to your Slack status, sends a daily summary of your meetings, and reminds you before an event starts.

This app also provides a handy link for you to join Hangout or Zoom calls directly from Slack, saving you from the hassle of logging into the exact GSuite account that you used to book the meeting.

Google Drive

Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Google Drive

Another excellent collaboration tool from the GSuite family. Google Drive will notify you as soon as someone adds a comment or a content suggestion to one of your docs or spreadsheets. Not only that but this integration allows you to reply to comments directly from Slack, as well as enabling a plethora of other services like:

  • Updates on access requests and the option to manage file access from Slack
  • Creating new Google Drive files with the click of a button (next to your Slack messages)
  • Embedding files into your messages without leaving Slack, and much more


Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular web and video conferencing tools out there. With its Slack integration, you can create new meetings or join an existing meeting directly from your Slack channels or private conversations. Simply type /zoom to see the available commands.


Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Asana

Asana is a project management tool that helps you easily organize and plan workflows. With this integration, you can create Asana tasks, add comments to existing tasks, change the assignee or due date, receive notifications on work happening in Asana, link a specific project to a Slack channel, and more. All this without leaving your Slack channel.


Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Trello

Trello is the visual collaboration tool that introduced the Kanban board to the digital world to help millions of customers manage work at a personal and organizational level. With its Slack integration and advanced features, you and your colleagues will add new Trello cards to boards directly from Slack with the /trello command, join existing cards, change due dates, attach messages to tasks, and more.


Price: $8/month per user (free for up to 3 teams)

Collaboration tools for Slack – Range

Range is a suite of collaboration tools that helps teams stay in sync and build the trust necessary to move fast.

With Range for Slack, you can align high-level goals with daily tasks and activities so that your whole team has insight into how projects are progressing. Set goals, review them in weekly meetings, and log work as it happens with quick, daily status updates.

With the Range Slack bot, you can:

  • Get notifications about Range activity
  • Direct message @range to log work for your next update
  • See updates from your whole team, right in Slack
  • Easily fetch information about teams and teammates using @range whois

Learn more about how Range works with Slack.

Email to Slack

Price: Slack Standard plan and above Email to Slack is not one of the flashiest integrations in the app directory, but this interface is so powerful that we think its unpopularity is undeserved.

This integration gives you a unique email address that you can use to subscribe to important notifications from any web service. With Email to Slack, you can receive responses, alerts from other tools, or even newsletters in your Slack. You can get even more creative and use it to send team-wide Slack announcements from your inbox or even forward emails to your team in Slack to increase efficiency.

Emails sent to this address will show up in your channel of choice. The charm of this integration is that you can use it as a way to harness the power of Slack with tools that lack a native Slack integration.

Email to Slack is only available with premium Slack plans.

Tettra Wiki

Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Tettra

Tettra is a company wiki and internal knowledge base tool that helps you organize and share your team's collective knowledge.

Tettra’s integration with Slack helps you answer repetitive questions quickly by making your team’s information available right inside of Slack. You can use commands such as “/tettra find [search]” to find articles or “/tettra new [title]” to create a new Tettra draft right in Slack.


Price: $4/month per user

Collaboration tools for Slack – AttendanceBot

AttendanceBot is a suite of collaboration tools that helps you track your remote team's time, absence, vacations, and shifts. Team members use simple “in” and “out” messages to clock in and out and keep track of their work hours.

AttendanceBot enables a set of features to help you organize your team's schedule, including remote working statuses, approvals for vacations and shift changes, recurring leaves, tracking of breaks and lunches, and a whole lot more.

Simple Poll

Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Simple Poll

Simple Poll is an easy and straightforward Slack app that enables you to create native polls right in your Slack channel of choice. It provides an effortless and collaborative way to make team decisions.

To create a native poll, you just type: /poll "Was today's standup effective?" "Yes" "No".

You can make polls transparent or keep respondents anonymous.


Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – InVision

InVision is a design, workflow, and collaboration platform for product teams. With the InVision App for Slack, you can connect a prototype to a channel, so when it's updated, changes are pushed to the channel and made visible to your whole team. The integration will automatically sync any changes to your design projects with your Slack channel, keeping all participants up to date with the latest screen updates and comments.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Adobe Creative Cloud

If you work on product design, you probably use one of Adobe’s tools.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Slack ets you share and preview documents and files from your Creative Cloud storage or applications, like XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator. With this app, your team can get a handy glimpse when Creative Cloud links are shared, respond to comments that are made on public XD files, and more.


Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Statsbot

Statsbot is an app for Slack that lets you see your database or Google Analytics data right inside your favorite Slack channel. Schedule reports to check acquisition, behavior, or conversions metrics on a daily basis, or ask Statsbot questions with natural language. Statsbot is the perfect tool if you want to get more workers involved with analytics.

Lunch Train

Price: Free

Collaboration tools for Slack – Lunch Train

Lunch Train is a fun little app for Slack that aims to solve one of the biggest problems in the workplace — Where do we go for lunch today? Use the /lunchtrain slash command to start a Lunch Train, and your teammates can quickly board the train and receive a reminder when it’s time to depart to your favorite restaurant.

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Slack collaboration tools that will improve your team’s collaboration
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