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Growth is good, but it can make knowing what your team is working on a serious challenge. Range helps your team plan and share daily check-ins so that everyone remains in sync and aware of what’s happening.

  • Run virtual standups

    Always know what’s happening on your team, and build alignment between members with 5 minutes a day.

  • Identify blockers

    Easily see when members of your team feel stuck, want feedback, or need your help getting unblocked.

  • Log accomplishments

    Equip your team to create a log of their best work in one place so they’re ready for performance reviews.

Keep your team in sync with 5 minutes a day

Morning reminders in Slack or inboxes help your whole team remember to create a plan and prioritize their day.

Daily plans take just a minute to make and help everyone stay focused. Watch your team remain on-task, navigating each day's distractions with clear heads.

Smart suggestions from integrations make it easy for your team to collect and share work from all of the tools they’re using.

Raising flags allows your team to signal when they’re blocked, need feedback, or want to have a discussion. Expose bottlenecks in processes and see where your attention is needed.

Sharing check-ins keeps everyone, including cross-functional teams and collaborators, up to date with work so that people are sharing work with everyone and not reporting to just you.

Relax knowing everyone is now in sync. Enjoy having more time to focus on the work that matters.


Smart suggestions for your check-ins

Range suggests work from the tools you already use, so you can create a great check-in in just a few minutes. Your tasks, documents, and code changes are already in Range, so you don’t have to enter data twice.

“As a rapidly growing startup, our product team was in clear need of better cross team communication and collaboration. Range was instrumental in filling that need.”

  • Smart suggestions

    Range integrates with your favorite tools to suggest recently updated documents, tickets, and projects, making check-ins a cinch.

  • Built to scale

    As your team grows, Range grows with you. Asynchronous daily check-ins help put an end to boundless standups and get everyone on the same page with fewer meetings.

  • A solution teams actually like

    Teams love using Range because it keeps them feeling engaged, saves precious time, and it’s actually fun to use.

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Empower your team with Range

Free for teams up to 10 peopleNo credit card required

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