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Keep your team in sync with just 5-minutes a day, no matter where they are. Rethink your daily standup.

Make work from home work

Your team can easily share what they're doing each day and how they're feeling so everyone stays in sync, even when they're not in the same place.

Run a virtual standup

Standups are powerful, but in-person meetings are often cumbersome. Range lets you run virtual standups that work on everyone’s schedule. And if you use Slack, the Range Slack bot brings Check-ins right to your team channel.

The easiest check-ins

Range's integrations let you see work from all your tools in one place. Add an assigned task to your plan for the day. Or show work you’ve completed by dragging over a document. Writing check-ins with Range is so easy it feels magical.

Reclaim your meeting time

Too much meeting time is wasted on status updates. That's why you should get status updates out of the way before the meeting. With Range Check-ins, everyone arrives at meetings in-sync. So you can have more time to discuss important topics.

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By using Range, our eng team can keep our meetings efficient and still know what everyone is doing. Plus, I can easily see who needs help and check on how folks are feeling.

Be more productive with Check-ins


Plan your day

Use your time wisely. Take a few minutes each day to make a plan. Feel less overwhelmed, and more in control.

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See all your tasks in one place. Bring together GitHub, Jira, Asana, Google Docs, Calendar, and more.

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Add Range to your team’s Slack channel, and it’ll be easy to stay in sync with Check-ins, Objectives, Flags, and more.

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