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Crafting new ways for organizations, teams, and individuals to unlock their full potential

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We believe that healthy companies aren’t simply better places to work, but do better work and will ultimately be more successful. But that’s easier said than done — it often seems the more humans an organization adds, the less human it becomes.

We think this can (must!) be fixed, and that by putting (awesome) team success software into people’s hands, they can build wellbeing, awareness, and performance into the fabric of work.

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Our team

Photo of Dan Pupius

Dan Pupius

Founder & CEO. Systems thinker, engineer, father, explorer.

Photo of Jennifer Dennard

Jennifer Dennard

Founder. Empathetic biz dev and operations nerd. Overly enthusiastic about sour patch kids, hiking, and bad fantasy books.

Photo of Braden Kowitz

Braden Kowitz

Founder. Obsessed with design and product development. Writes code in spare time. On weekends, can be found backpacking in the mountains.

Photo of Sean McBride

Sean McBride

Loves blending product, engineering, and design to solve problems for people. Recharges over dinner & cocktails with friends.

Photo of Stephanie Yeung

Stephanie Yeung

Engineer. Likes climbing curtains.

Photo of Michael Boykin

Michael Boykin

Marketer obsessed with tennis and true crime. Enjoys crafting stories, making playlists, and feeding mild OCD.

Photo of Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

CMO. Storyteller who's passionate about tech taking on big problems that matter. Learns more from offspring than he would ever disclose to them. Would like to hitchhike the galaxy.

Photo of Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller

Software engineer who is always always looking for something to learn. Into fun cars and video games.

Photo of Sean Hoag

Sean Hoag

Business Development. Extrovert helping teams be successful. Always on the lookout for new board games and SF's best burrito.

Photo of Cornell Martin

Cornell Martin

Lover of stories. Drinker of wine. Baker of things. Enjoys connecting with people, learning about new cultures, and traveling the world. Aspiring novelist working on his first manuscript.

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Investors & Advisors

We’re proudly supported by investors and advisors who have joined us in a journey to build a better workplace

Bloomberg BetaFirst RoundGeneral Catalyst
Photo of Bill Trenchard

First Round Capital

Photo of Biz Stone

Investor & Twitter co-founder

Photo of Charles Hudson

Precursor Ventures

Photo of Ellen Pao

Investor & CEO of Project Include

Photo of James Cham

Bloomberg Beta

Photo of Kent Goldman

Upside Partnership

Photo of Mahima Muralidharan

Psychologist & Organizational Consultant

Photo of Quentin Clark

General Catalyst

Photo of Roy Bahat

Bloomberg Beta

Photo of Susan Wu

Entrepreneur & Investor

Photo of Todd Jackson

Entrepreneur & Investor

Photo of Yardley Pohl

Investor & Founder of Women in Product

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