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Rethinking the fundamentals of work

Our mission

We believe that healthy companies aren’t simply better places to work, but do better work. And that’s easier said than done.

The rise of hybrid work amplifies the communication and collaboration challenges felt in modern workplaces, and it often seems that the more humans an organization adds, the less human it becomes. People are left feeling burned out, disconnected, and disengaged.

We envision a platform for organizational change, that rethinks the fundamentals of work from communication, to structure, to processes, built on principles of belonging, transparency, and purpose.

We seek to empower asynchronous communication at scale β€” preventing silos forming while avoiding the overwhelm of meetings and the digital firehose β€” while enriching real-time interactions with data & context that makes the meetings you do have more effective, efficient, and engaging.

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Our team

Dan Pupius

Founder & CEO. Systems thinker, engineer, father, explorer.


Jennifer Dennard

Founder. Empathetic biz dev and operations nerd. Overly enthusiastic about sour patch kids, hiking, and bad fantasy books.


Sean McBride

Loves blending engineering, product, and design to solve problems for people. Recharges over dinner & cocktails with friends.


Stephanie Yeung

Engineer. Likes climbing curtains.


Michael Boykin

Marketer obsessed with tennis and true crime. Enjoys crafting stories, beekeeping, and feeding mild OCD.


Sean Hoag

Business Development. Extrovert helping teams be successful. Always on the lookout for new board games and SF's best burrito.


Yoobin Han

Engineer. Really into surfing and coffee.


Jean Hsu

VP of Engineering. Passionate about eng teams, food, and deleting code.


Ryan N Johnson

Engineer. Loves a good Zumba class and conversations that shift perspectives.


Bhavika Shah

Product Lead. Avid learner, amateur chef, always in search of a good taco.


Taylor Palmer

Design Lead. Family man and extroverted introvert. Passionate about turning ideas into reality.


Charlotte Reynders

Marketing Generalist. Enjoys art museums, Mad Libs, and the occasional spoonful of peanut butter.

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Investors & Advisors

Bloomberg BetaFirst RoundGeneral Catalyst

First Round Capital

Investor & Twitter co-founder

Precursor Ventures

Investor & CEO of Project Include

Bloomberg Beta

Upside Partnership

General Catalyst

Bloomberg Beta

Entrepreneur & Investor

Entrepreneur & Investor

Investor & Founder of Women in Product

Marketing Advisor

Marketing Advisor

Psychologist & Organizational Consultant