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Range is more than a scrum tool. With automated check-ins, 75+ integrations, and daily team-building, you'll keep your whole team connected — no matter where you're working.

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Why are teams moving from Standuply to Range?

Range isn’t limited to just Slack and Teams. Our 75+ integrations with leading SaaS tools, from GitHub to Asana, make it easy to connect with your teammates and share daily progress.
Teams who run standups on Range
CircleCIWellthyHubSpotNew RelicSeatGeek

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Check in across time zones.

async standups

Check in across time zones.

Share what you're focusing on and how you're doing in just a few minutes per day. Create async updates and integrate work from all your tools.

Run engaging standups, async and real-time.

meeting facilitation

Run engaging standups, async and real-time.

Share async check-ins to cut time in standups by 50%. When you need to meet live, leverage tools like the spinner to get everyone involved.

Know how your team is doing. Always.

team health

Know how your team is doing. Always.

Get notified in Slack when a teammate shares how they're feeling or asks for help. Use handbooks and the team dashboard to keep a pulse on your team asynchronously.

Manage more than just sprint goals.

okr tracking

Manage more than just sprint goals.

Map out hierarchical goals in one place. Use hashtags to connect daily work to team objectives, top-level goals, and more.

Cut the tool fatigue. Use Range.

Instead of jumping between a dozen apps to see what your team has been doing, bring all your apps into one place with Range.

Google Calendar
Google Drive

See how Range Check-ins work

Help your team operate at their best by relieving the burdens of modern remote work.

Range vs. Standuply & The Rest

Standups aren't just for work updates. Managers love Range because it helps them cut down on meetings, stay informed, and connect with the whole team on a personal level.
Range ✨Standup slackbots (i.e. Geekbot, Standuply, Status Hero)Meeting tools (i.e. Hugo, Fellow, Hyper Context)Team-building tools (i.e. Donut)OKR Tools (i.e. Ally)Async Communication Tools (i.e. Friday)
Run daily Check-ins
Timezone sensitive
Flag Check-in items for meetings
Mood insights
Deep integrations
Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications
Check-in from Slack
Meeting notes and objective updates in Slack
Track work activity in 75+ apps
Sync teams with Google Groups
Meeting facilitation
Spinner designed for remote meetings
Review goals
Automate meeting note distribution
Action items connected to Check-ins
Team building
Culture questions
Team profiles
Inter-team communication
Asynchronous team-building
Goal setting
Connect daily work to Goals
Goal tracking
Optimized for remote work
Both async and sync tools
Team-first design

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Success stories

“Great tool for asynchronous teams working across time-zones to keep in sync”
There is a direct correlation between when I run the meeting in Range, and a 50% reduction in the amount of time our standup takes out of my team’s day.
“Ruthless efficiency making way for human connection”
Amazing. It enhanced our stand ups and team dynamic. It really helped our team get to know each other outside of team events and had us interacting as people daily, instead of cogs in a corporate machine.
“Range is the easiest way to stay in sync with your remote team”
It was dead simple to set up and the Slack integration made it an immediate natural extension of our team's daily workflow!
It solves all the problems of the daily stand-up. It's easy to track history, interact with colleagues, and give me reminders for future tasks.
Range makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of what my team is doing, and what they're feeling. Particularly during the remote coronavirus lockdown, this has become invaluable.
Range Flags have helped my teams identify and unblock blockers faster.
Range is awesome. They're frequently adding new features, the design and functionality is extremely intuitive, and they have outstanding customer service. They're always looking for what users want to see in their product, and it's clear they're listening.
We've gone from boring, underutilized, lacking stand-ups in Slack to using a tool multiple times a day. We're engaging with each other and appreciating our peers. It's been fantastic!
We're an all-remote team spanning two continents. Range provides the glue that keeps our work on track and helps us build a transparent culture.
Range helps Wellthy maintain our culture, foster transparency and accountability among the team, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and stay on top of what’s important.

Better teamwork, fewer meetings

  • Run async check-ins
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools
  • Keep your team feeling connected
  • Track what matters without micromanaging

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