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Range is the Zoom companion that helps you share status updates asynchronously and save meeting time for conversations that count.

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By using Range, our eng team can keep our meetings efficient and still know what everyone is doing. Plus, I can easily see who needs help and check on how folks are feeling.

Chris Tower, VP of Engineering at Big Health
Cut standups down by 50% with Check-ins.

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Cut standups down by 50% with Check-ins.

Share async status updates in 5 minutes or less. Bring in work from apps like GitHub and Figma. See what your teammates are focusing on and how they’re doing so you have all the context you need to make the most of your meetings.

Start live stand-ups with an icebreaker round.

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Start live stand-ups with an icebreaker round.

Use the Range app for Zoom to answer your choice of 350+ team-building questions, backed by psychological research. Get to know teammates and build trust — without cutting into focus time.

Focus on the most important topics.

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Focus on the most important topics.

Review information from your team’s Check-ins directly in Zoom. Pin high-priority items so you can unblock your team, celebrate accomplishments, and move work forward.

Get the whole team engaged with the spinner.

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Get the whole team engaged with the spinner.

Use the spinner to select who speaks when and distribute talking time across the team for more inclusive meetings.

Range is for more than just stand-ups

Create engaging agendas for any Zoom meeting. Use a template — or start from scratch. Then add or remove topics, share your screen, and follow along.
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Weekly Team Meeting Template

When you need to meet as a team, take time to connect on a personal level, review progress, and get everyone involved. Access the template.

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Sprint Review Meeting Template

Inspect and discuss the outcomes of a recent sprint as a team. Decide how you will apply learnings to future sprints. Access the template.

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Weekly 1:1 Meeting Template

Unblock and support your direct reports. Identify opportunities for development and growth. Access the template.

What's Different About Range?
illustration of a Range agenda with facilitation tools

Cover one agenda topic at a time. Use built-in facilitation tools to keep every discussion inclusive and organized.

illustration of Range logo with google calendar events and Slack and Gmail logos

Connect Range agendas to Google Calendar and Outlook events to make every conversation count. Build collaborative agendas directly from Slack and automatically share notes via email when the meeting ends.

illustration of Range action items

Capture and assign action items during every meeting so your team can move work forward and hit goals faster.