Sprint Review Meeting

Inspect and discuss the outcomes of the sprint and apply learnings to future sprints.

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Clock120 mins

The Sprint Review focuses on the product, with the goal of inspecting the outcomes of the sprint and determining future adaptations. During the meeting the team review tasks that were completed, discuss the results with key stakeholders.

Based on this discussion, attendees determine what should be done next. The backlog may be adjusted to highlight new opportunities and processes may be updated.

The Sprint Review should be considered a working session and not a presentation.


1. Review sprint goals ( 10 mins )

The Product Owner reflects on the sprint goal and explains what items from the sprint have been completed, and which ones have not.

2. Reflection ( 15 mins )

The Developers discuss what went well during the sprint, what problems they ran into, and how those problems were solved.

3. Demos ( 30 mins )

The Developers demo the work that was done and answer any questions from other attendees

4. Backlog review ( 5 mins )

The Product Owner provides an overview of the backlog as it stands, and gives an update on likely delivery dates based on the progress from the most recent sprint.

5. Backlog update ( 30 mins )

The entire group collaborate on what to do next, revising the backlog so that this meeting provides inputs for the subsequent Sprint Planning.

6. Sensing ( 10 mins )

What has changed about the market, environment, or customers that might change what is the most valuable thing to do next?

7. Operational review ( 10 mins )

Review of timeline, budget, and capabilities for the next release of functionality.

8. Final Takeaways

Go round the room and share a final takeaway.

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