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Easy integrations with tools like GitHub, GSuite, Asana and more power up your Check-ins. See all your activity in one place and share work across your team with a few clicks.

Tie all your tools together with less busywork

Stop jumping between tools and docs to keep work moving forward. Bring your Jira issues, GitHub code reviews, Asana tasks, Trello cards, Google Docs, Calendar and more into your Check-ins, then share with your team with a few clicks.

Smart suggestions for your Check-ins

Range uses the work you've done to help you create a unified task list. Just drag over suggested items into your Check-ins, add a little extra context, and you'll have a powerful update in minutes.

Upgrade your efficiency

With so many tools, it can be hard to know what’s happening, especially for remote teams. The more integrations you add to Range, the easier it is to share all your work, and the more efficient your team becomes.

Works great with Slack

The Range Slack Bot helps you build a habit of checking in with your team. Add the bot to your team channel and you'll be able to read teammate's Check-ins, get notified of Flags, and track Objectives, all within Slack.

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People have been working in the team coordination and collaboration problem space for a while now. Finally, Range has got it right. The integrations have set Range apart and made it an invaluable tool for my team.

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