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Source of team truth

Break down silos, get to know teams, and see what's happening in the Team Directory.

Powerful team modeling that scales

Go beyond simple reporting structures. In real life, people contribute to multiple teams and objectives. Represent how teams are actually structured, so you have greater visibility into where people are focused, even as your business scales.

Your team in one place

It can be tough to keep a pulse on what’s happening when WFH. Put a face to a name and create a central hub to view activity, mood, and meeting load trends across your organization, making each team's plans and progress available to those who need them, wherever they are.

Don't be a stranger

Range helps large organizations feel like small teams. Look up anyone across the whole company to see their long term Objectives, or check out their Check-ins to see what they've been doing lately. Easily share contact info, timezone, personality type, favorite animal, and more.

Integrated OKRs

Don’t bounce between separate tools to see key information about teams. Range brings objectives tracker into the Team Directory so you can view goals and people in one place.

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Range has been an indispensable way to increase productivity, transparency, trust, and connectedness.

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