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Team Directory

Easily see what any person or team is working on, across your entire organization.

Powerful team modeling

Go beyond simple reporting structures. In real life, people contribute to multiple teams and multiple objectives. Range's team directory lets you represent how your teams are actually structured, so that you have greater visibility into where people are focused.

Don't be a stranger

Range helps large organizations feel like small teams. You can look up anyone across the whole company to see their long term Objectives, or check out their Accomplishment Log to see what they've been doing lately. Easily share contact info, timezone, personality type, favorite animal, and more.

Your team in one place

Working at home can make it challenging to keep a pulse on what’s happening. Our Team Directory helps everyone put a face to a name and serves as a central hub to view activity, mood, and meeting load trends across your organization, making each team's plans and progress available to those who needs them, wherever they are.

Integrated OKRs

You shouldn't have to bounce between two separate tools when you're just trying to look up basic information about a person or a team. Range combines two indispensable HR tools into one: A team directory and an objectives tracker.

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Range has been an indispensable way to increase productivity, transparency, trust, and connectedness.

Keep your teams connected as you grow



Track goals and build alignment on your team. Create transparency across your entire organization.

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Strengthen culture

No matter where your team works, Range helps you build trust and connectedness with daily questions designed by expert team coaches.

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Keep your team in sync with just 5-minutes a day, no matter where they are. Rethink your daily standup.

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