The tool that helps you have fewer meetings

Easily run effective, inclusive meetings when you need to collaborate live, and check in asynchronously when you don’t. Your team will know what’s going on and stay connected—with more time to get things done.

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Range helps Wellthy maintain our culture, foster transparency and accountability among the team, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and stay on top of what’s important.

Kevin Roche, CTO at Wellthy

Bring in context and share meeting notes

Add tasks, docs, and designs to your check-ins and meeting agendas from Asana, ClickUp, Figma & Github—and send notes and action items to the tools you use most.

Microsoft OneDrive
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Microsoft Teams

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async check-ins

Share status updates before the meeting

Check in before the meeting with async status updates in Range, and save valuable meeting time for complex topics.

better meetings

Run inclusive, effective meetings

Build a collaborative agenda, stay on topic with our timer, and pull in context from team check-ins. You can even kick the meeting off with our built-in Spinner and Icebreakers to get to know your team.

meeting notes

Share clear takeaways and next steps from the meeting

Capture next steps during the meeting, so you can keep track of your team's commitments. For recurring meetings, action items will automatically show up as agenda items the next time you meet.

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Learn how Wellthy uses Range to make their meetings more engaging and effective

Learn how Wellthy uses Range to make their meetings more engaging and effective

At Wellthy, teams use async Check-ins and Range's meeting functionality to run better remote stand-ups, foster transparency, and build connections.

I am a really big fan of the flow of the Meetings tool! It really helps our team to keep track of what was said in the last meeting and what needs to be done.
Melissa Merencillo

Melissa Merencillo

Program Manager

There is a direct correlation between when I run the meeting in Range, and a 50% reduction in the amount of time our standup takes out of my team’s day.
Will Persampieri

Will Persampieri

Engineering Team Lead

This is a great resource tool for a manager who likes to check in on their staff but does not want to micromanage them!
Christy Tallman

Christy Tallman

Billing Manager

We love the capacity to build recurring topics, see our objectives, outstanding action items and our flagged items directly in our meeting agenda. It greatly helps in easily building our agenda as well as facilitating our meetings.
Jean-Francois Pilon

Jean-Francois Pilon

Technology Director