Run your team Check-ins right from Slack

Your team can Check-in right from Slack in just minutes. So no matter where your team works, it’s easy for everyone to develop a habit of staying in sync.

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Reminders help your team stay on track without micromanaging

No need to nag your team for status updates. Range sends your team a reminder, so they can plan for the day, reflect on what’s happened, and share a Check-in that keeps everyone in sync.
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Integrations across multiple tools

Deep integrations bring all your work into one place from tools like Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello, GitHub, Google Docs, and many more. Plan out your day by reviewing the tasks assigned to you. Easily add links to work you’ve recently completed.

Fuel daily team-building

Fuel daily team-building

Async updates can feel isolating. Range's 350+ Icebreaker questions build trust. Mood sharing and appreciation strengthen the foundation of teamwork.

Cut the tool fatigue

Instead of jumping between a dozen apps to see what your team has been doing, Range brings all your apps into one place.

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See how Check-ins work

Help your team operate at their best by relieving the burdens of modern remote work.

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