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Share goal updates in async check-ins and meetings. Easily add context from integrated apps and keep your whole team in the loop.

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Tracking goals shouldn't be hard work

Range makes it easy for teams to share goal updates as part of their daily routine.
Build daily alignment with Check-ins.

Build daily alignment with Check-ins.

Get visibility on day-to-day plans. Know what your team is focusing on and how they're doing, no matter where you're working.

Connect work to team goals with #hashtags.

Connect work to team goals with #hashtags.

Run async check-ins in 5 minutes a day. Use hashtags to link daily work to top-level goals in seconds.

Get goal updates when you need them.

Get goal updates when you need them.

Don't wait until the end of the quarter to know if your team is on track. See continuous progress on team goals every day — in meetings and Slack.

Less app-hopping. More doing.

Less app-hopping. More doing.

Stay in the flow. Range tracks activity across dozens of web-based apps so you can keep tabs on team progress in one place.

Connect work across all your team's tools

Add context from 75+ apps to your team's async check-ins, goals, and meeting agendas.
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Microsoft Teams

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Get started with a template

Get started with a template

Try our Team Accountability check-in template to help your team reflect on goal progress each day and connect their work to team objectives.

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Range has been an indispensable way to increase productivity, transparency, trust, and connectedness.