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Standups are more expensive than you think. Find out how much it costs to keep your team aligned.

About your standups

$53,083 / year
For a team of 7, who each spend 4 minutes sharing their update, your standups will typically take about 28 minutes. That adds up to 16 engineer hours per week or 849 engineer hours per year!
Moving to async check-ins for some — or all — of your standups could save your team up to $43,604 per year.

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Turn too-long standups into quick async updates.

Check in on work, and the human stuff too, so your team can collaborate fast. 5 minutes per day.
Check in with your team from anywhere

Check in with your team from anywhere

Share async updates to the whole team in Slack or MS Teams. Bring in work from 75+ apps. See what your teammates are focusing on and how they’re doing.

Step up your work relationships

Step up your work relationships

With daily mood-sharing and 350+ icebreakers, feel better connected to your teammates no matter where you're working. Get notified in Slack when a teammate shares how they're feeling or asks for help.

Run fewer, faster meetings

Run fewer, faster meetings

Check in asynchronously to get unblocked and stay informed. When you need to collaborate live, build structured agendas that keep the whole team included and on track.

Get goal updates when you need them

Get goal updates when you need them

Use hashtags to mention goals in Check-ins and pull related work together in seconds. See continuous progress on team goals every day — in Range or Slack.

Connect work across all your team's tools

Bring tasks from any app into your remote team's async check-ins and meetings agendas.
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Microsoft Teams

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Range helps Wellthy maintain our culture, foster transparency and accountability among the team, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and stay on top of what’s important.

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See how Check-ins work

Cut time in standups by 50%.

  • Run async check-ins
  • Facilitate engaging meetings
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools
  • Track what matters without micromanaging
  • Keep your team feeling connected
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