Set goals that align your team

Teams often begin to break down when they lose sight of their shared objectives. Range helps you manage goals and OKRs that connect to your team’s daily work to build alignment and transparency that scales.

  • Foster alignment

    Establish clear objectives, define success, and help team members connect their work to shared goals to increase focus and build alignment.

  • Track progress

    Update and track progress toward goals easily and regularly with your team’s contributed work captured in Range.

  • Increase transparency

    Keep quarterly goals top of mind for your whole team, not lost in some hard-to-find document, to keep everyone working with purpose.

Improve alignment with goals and OKRs

Create goals with a template that helps you define success, attach an owner and team, set a target date, and track all supporting work.

Associated tags allow your team to connect their daily work and activities to the goals you’ve created.

Reviewing associated tags lets you see the specific work and team members contributing to the progress of each goal.

Prioritize goals and keep them top of mind by reviewing them in recurring team meetings you run with Range. Discuss progress, surface tensions, and realign as necessary.

Updating goal status with notes on key milestones keep everyone up to date on progress. With a log of all updates, you’ll finally be able to see how you’re tracking against target dates.

Keeping informed and up to date on your team’s progress toward goals and OKRs, and knowing how the whole team is contributing, won’t get any easier.

  • Connect work to goals

    Tagging work in your daily updates allows you and your team to attribute specific work to the shared goals used to measure your success.

  • Progress notifications

    Get automatically notified when the teams you follow update the status of their goals so you know when it’s at risk, behind, back on track, or completed.

  • Review status history

    See a complete history of all goal progress updates. Need a status update? Give the goal owner a quick nudge.

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