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Make meetings make sense

Run more engaging, efficient, and effective meetings.

Outstanding standups

Use Check-ins to cover status updates asynchronously, so you can focus your daily standup on meaningful conversations.

Better meetings, fewer meetings

From 1:1s to team meetings, when they're more efficient and effective, your team has more focus time. An average team of 7 saves 60+ hours of meeting time each month.

Facilitation for the masses

Features like recurring topics, agenda building, notes and action capture and automated sharing make everyone great facilitators.

More inclusive, more engaged

The spinner tool and dynamic agenda encourage participation and helps ensure every voice is heard.

Rescue your video meetings

Easily add Check-ins as a sidebar to Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings to make them more productive — and more fun.

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With Range, it's easier to set up repeating team meetings, which means they're more effective and shorter.