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Run more productive and inclusive meetings, even when WFH. Increase transparency and accountability with automated updates.

Run productive meetings, ditch unproductive ones

Unproductive meetings waste time and energy. Cut down on unnecessary status meetings with Check-ins, and run efficient, effective ones with Meetings. Automated shared notes and actions keep the right people in the loop, even if they can’t make it.

Better facilitation, better focus

Effective meetings can be hard to run, especially when WFH. Meetings in Range make facilitating easy. Cover important matters with recurring topics, gather additional topics during the meeting, and capture notes and actions, all within one app.

Increase accountability

When you take a meeting action, you’ll see that task in your Check-ins, so you can be sure to follow up. And when you run your next recurring meeting, Range helps everyone check in on those outstanding tasks.

More inclusive, more engaged

When people talk at the beginning of a meeting, they’re more likely to be engaged throughout. Increase participation by starting with a check-in round using the spinner tool and building a dynamic agenda during meetings. This helps everyone — remote or not - be heard.

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With Range, it's easier to set up repeating team meetings, which means they're more effective and shorter.

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