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Run more productive and inclusive meetings. Share notes with your team automatically.

Facilitate recurring meetings

Use Range in place of a notes document to help you facilitate better meetings. Start with a structured agenda to make sure you always cover important topics, and then gather additional agenda topics during the meeting. Easily check in on Objectives, and see where teammates are stuck with Flags.

Send notes automatically

Suffering from too many meetings? Make it easier for people to skip meeting by sending great notes. During your meeting, Range helps you gather notes and action items. Then, Range automatically sends those notes to the right people. Read meeting notes over Email or right in your team's Slack channel.

Increase accountability

Assign tasks during meetings and have confidence they'll get done. As people plan their day in Range, they'll see assigned tasks from meetings, so it's easy to follow up. When you run your next meeting session, Range helps you all check in on outstanding tasks.

More inclusive meetings

Range helps you implement two simple practices that encourage inclusive meetings. Increase participation by starting with a check-in round. And instead of hoping everyone will speak up, build a dynamic agenda during your meeting to see what needs to be discussed. You can make it easier for everyone to be heard.

“With Range, it's easier to set up repeating team meetings, which means they're more effective and shorter.”

Range makes your meetings better


Track goals and build alignment on your team. Create transparency across your entire organization.

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Feeling stuck? Need feedback on something? Raise a flag and your teammates will be notified.

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Add Range to your team’s Slack channel, and it’ll be easy to stay in sync with Check-ins, Objectives, Flags, and more.

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