Make every meeting matter

Ensure your time together in meetings is spent wisely. Run better meetings that are more productive and inclusive. Save time with features that eliminate busywork.

  • Build a structure

    For recurring meetings, Range helps you create agendas that are right for you and your team.

  • Increase accountability

    Review action items from last week to prevent important work from slipping through the cracks.

  • Send notes automatically

    Easily share notes with every attendee after each meeting without having to set aside additional time to do it yourself.

Run meetings that keep work moving forward

Start meetings with recurring agenda items pre-populated so that you and your team are always ready to get to business.

Review past actions, mark them as done, or add them to the agenda to discuss to keep team members accountable for their work.

Discuss team goals and OKRs each week to keep everyone focused and aligned on achieving success.

Add notes from your discussion of specific agenda items to provide deeper context to attendees and teammates who might have missed a meeting.

Assign tasks, such as reviewing a pull request or product spec, to team members to ensure action items are captured and completed.

Adjourn assured that the time your team just spent together was meaningful, clearing paths for increased productivity and success.

  • Structure with flexibility

    Range helps you build the structure necessary to run effective meetings while prompting you to check for unplanned discussion topics that need your team’s attention.

  • Ad hoc task assignment

    Create and assign action items to team members as you discuss work. They later show up in their recommended task list when composing daily status updates.

  • Automatically send notes

    Have your notes automatically sent to the right people at the end of a meeting.

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Empower your team with Range

Free for teams up to 10 peopleNo credit card required

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