25 free meeting templates (2022)

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Meeting FAQ

Meetings are ineffective because they lack contextual structure. How can you solve it?

Why have a meeting?Show/hide the answer

The most common reason to have a meeting is to discuss something face to face. It could be a new idea, a new opportunity, a problem, to brainstorm something, reach a decision about something or any number of things. But it all comes down to discussion and face to face interaction.

Why have an agenda?Show/hide the answer

A meeting agenda helps you and your colleagues prepare for a meeting and guide yourselves through the items you need to discuss. Time spent in planning an agenda will likely save time for all meeting participants by providing a clear set of topics, objectives, and time frames.

How do you structure a meeting template? Show/hide the answer

Generally, include these meeting agenda items:

  • Check-in with each team member
  • Set clear meeting objectives
  • Create an agenda using the Range topic builder
  • Review metrics and milestones
  • Team updates
  • Project review
  • Discuss action items and topics
  • Other topics and output
  • Check-out and closing round

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What things would you have in a meeting agenda? Show/hide the answer

It depends on your meeting of course! But these items usually make for a good recurring meeting.

  • Check-in round: Ask how everyone is doing and feeling
  • What are the follow-up items from last week?
  • What's the update on key metrics and milestones?
  • What progress have you made on those items?
  • Where are you blocked? What's keeping the team from progressing?
  • What other topics are important to discuss?
  • What successes and learnings can you share?
  • Closing round