Backlog grooming meeting

Fine-tune your product backlog, keeping it orderly and prioritized

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Clock30 mins

Scrum Backlog Refinement — or Backlog Grooming — is the process of keeping the product backlog fresh and up to date. These meetings can happen on-demand or scheduled on a recurring basis.

Since the world is ever changing and new information is surfacing constantly, it is easy for backlogs to get outdated: full of obsolete tasks, half thought through tasks, or tasks with outdated information attached to them.

Regularly reviewing and refining the backlog, means the team have a reliable source of truth to turn to when figuring out what to do next.


1. Strategy review ( 2 mins )

Re-align on the north star. What are the objectives and goals for this team?

2. What wasn't completed? ( 5 mins )

What tasks were started, but remain unfinished and high priority?

3. What came up? ( 5 mins )

What new things came up that need to be fixed? Bugs, new features, new user needs?

4. What needs to get done? ( 10 mins )

Reprioritize items to ensure that the most important things needed to move the product forward will be tackled next.

5. What should we cut or split? ( 5 mins )

Remove tasks that are no longer required and split tasks into smaller chunks that can be more easily prioritized.

6. What risks might we face this sprint? ( 3 mins )

Go round the "room" and express—judgement free—any risks or concerns you have that make things go off the rails.