Build trust and connectedness on your team

Culture matters. Building a healthy team is an investment, one Range helps you make over time and is actually fun for your team. It starts with a simple daily habit designed to engage your team that ultimately leads to greater understanding, openness, and trust.

  • Invest in culture

    Range helps you foster culture every day by allowing every team member to actively contribute to its development.

  • Build trust

    Daily team-building questions designed by expert team coaches will strengthen the bonds connecting your team.

  • Know how people are feeling

    Discover who needs extra support with simple yet effective emoji moods that team members share in their daily updates.

Build connections that strengthen teamwork

Team-building questions engage your entire team in learning about one another on a daily basis. Overtime, these bitesize bits of information create a more complete picture of who you all are.

Sharing moods as part of each daily update keeps you in touch with how your team is feeling so everyone can support one another.

Reviewing responses to each day’s team-building question helps you improve communication, trust, psychological safety, and camaraderie.

Celebrating accomplishments and highlighting success with flags and reactions let your team know their work matters and is appreciated.

Stay connected to your team and know that you are strengthening the bonds that support a healthy team.

“The team building questions give us the opportunity to connect on a personal level. They help our leaders model vulnerability and develop empathy.”

  • Build culture every day

    Range makes getting to know your team an easy, everyday activity, helping you prioritize culture development.

  • Expert-designed questions

    We worked with team coaches and organizational specialists to design daily team questions that bring out a little more of your team members’ personalities each day.

  • Connect with remote employees

    Range helps you connect with remote and distributed team members so that everyone can continue building trust and remain a healthy team.

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