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Strengthen culture

No matter where your team works, use Check-ins to foster trust and vulnerability everyday with team questions, mood sharing, and thanks.

Invest every day

Invest in team culture every day through small actions that build the foundations of teamwork: psychological safety, vulnerability, and trust.

Grow closer with team questions

Teams love the questions that are part of daily Check-ins. Designed with input from team coaches and organizational psychologists, they cover foundational topics like communication styles, growth mindset, feedback, and more.

Know how teammates are feeling

Each day you can choose to share your mood as an emoji when you check-in. See how people on your team are feeling and stay connected, especially if you're not working from the same office.

Keep the thank yous coming

Teammates can easily show each other how much their work is valued with emoji reactions in Check-ins and Flags to show thanks.

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The team building questions give us the opportunity to connect on a personal level. They help our leaders model vulnerability and develop empathy.

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