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Range makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of what my team is doing, and what they're feeling. Particularly during the remote coronavirus lockdown, this has become invaluable.

Ben W., Head of Engineering at ForUsAll

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virtual standups

Run async check-ins

Share status updates without disrupting the flow of work. Effortlessly know what's happening and how people are doing.

meetings and 1:1s

Facilitate better meetings

Keep track of agenda topics, action items, and notes. Take the work out of having collaborative, engaging, and fun meetings.

OKRs and goals

Connect goals to day to day work

Align your team with shared goals that connect to daily plans. See progress across tools and touch-points.

How your team benefits from using Range

Stay connected and share information across multiple platforms
Illustration of Range check-ins with integrations

Deep integrations give your team updates only on what is essential. Silence notifications from the other tools, and focus on what matters most.

Illustration of team in live meeting

Easily facilitate engaging, inclusive meetings. Share notes, actions, and keep everyone in the loop.

Illustration of team collaborating

See what's happening across teams and get to know your teammates.

Screenshot of Range Goals

Set goals, track progress, and share updates with leaders.

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Range vs. The Competition

Range stands out from the rest by being purpose-built for remote and hybrid teams. Engineering managers love it because it helps them stay connected and informed, without extra meetings.
Range ✨Standup slackbots (i.e. Geekbot, Standuply, Status Hero)Meeting tools (i.e. Hugo, Fellow, Hyper Context)Team-building tools (i.e. Donut)OKR Tools (i.e. Ally)Async Communication Tools (i.e. Friday)
Run daily Check-ins
Timezone sensitive
Flag Check-in items for meetings
Mood insights
Deep integrations
Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications
Check-in from Slack
Meeting notes and objective updates in Slack
Track work activity in 75+ apps
Sync teams with Google Groups
Meeting facilitation
Spinner designed for remote meetings
Review goals
Automate meeting note distribution
Action items connected to Check-ins
Team building
Culture questions
Team profiles
Inter-team communication
Asynchronous team-building
Goal setting
Connect daily work to Goals
Goal tracking
Optimized for remote work
Both async and sync tools
Team-first design

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Better remote work for high-performing teams

  • Run async check-ins
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools
  • Keep your team feeling connected
  • Track what matters without micromanaging
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Range is awesome. They're frequently adding new features, the design and functionality is extremely intuitive, and they have outstanding customer service.
Kevin E.

Kevin E.

Growth Marketing Associate

I am a really big fan of the flow of the Meetings tool! It really helps our team to keep track of what was said in the last meeting and what needs to be done.
Melissa Merencillo

Melissa Merencillo

Program Manager

It was dead simple to set up and the Slack integration made it an immediate natural extension of our team's daily workflow!
Adam O.

Adam O.

Director, Platform Engineering

Range's check-ins gave our team a single place to look to see what everyone is working on. With Range, our awareness improved much more than what we got from in-person standups.
Nick Santos

Nick Santos


What I like the most about Range are the integrations it has with other applications, the notifications and the customization of my profile.
Owen P

Owen P

Customer Success

It solves all the problems of the daily stand-up. It's easy to track history, interact with colleagues, and give me reminders for future tasks.
Daniela L.

Daniela L.

Product Designer

The team building questions give us the opportunity to connect on a personal level. They help our leaders model vulnerability and develop empathy.
Thomas Chung

Thomas Chung


This is a great resource tool for a manager who likes to check in on their staff but does not want to micromanage them!
Christy Tallman

Christy Tallman

Billing Manager

So many things! The task list is by far my favorite as it helps myself and my team keep track of items that we need to follow up on throughout the week/month and helps us to plan accordingly. We all have many different accounts that we work, so keeping things all in one spot is extremely helpful.
Christy T

Christy T

Billing Manager

Amazing. It enhanced our stand ups and team dynamic. It really helped our team get to know each other outside of team events and had us interacting as people daily, instead of cogs in a corporate machine.
Alex L.

Alex L.

Software Engineer