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Provide value to the whole team, and level up your collective productivity with custom schedules, automated check-ins & culture building activities.

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Why are teams moving from Status Hero to Range?

Range's deep integrations blend real-time meetings with async check-ins, allowing the whole team to stay aligned and in sync. Free for up to 20 users!

"Thanks for an awesome product! We started with Dixi and looked at Standuply, and then at Status Hero, but is so much better than all 3! Status Hero has some nice charts, but we like the freedom to configure what gets reported in Range."

- Tim Chklovski, CEO Prediction Machine

Teams who save time with Range

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Integrations that matter

Get more out of your slack integrations. Range's 20+ integrations has you covered. For even more, use a dedicated Chrome extension to add any page to Range.

Connect with real-time meetings

Easily log your work and sync activity from dozens of sites so when you write your Check-ins, important links will be there for you to include.

Fuel daily team-building

Fuel daily team-building

Async updates can feel isolating. Range's 350+ Icebreaker questions build trust. Mood sharing and appreciation strengthen the foundation of teamwork.

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This is how we make it happen

Help your team operate at their best by relieving the burdens of modern remote work with Check-ins.
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