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Create and edit Check-in schedules

Setting a custom time for when your team checks in on Range

The beauty of Check-ins is that teams share them when it fits their schedule. But teams work and share updates in a variety of ways and sometimes across many different time zones.

So we created customized Check-in schedules. This feature equips you to more firmly establish your team’s Check-in schedule, allowing you to:

  • Select participants (teams)
  • Set which days you want your team to check-in
  • Set a reminder time
  • Set a time by when published Check-ins will be sent to the team
  • Set a distributed or synchronized time zone for scheduling

The steps below will help to guide you through the quick process of setting up a custom Check-in for your team.

Note: Anyone within a workspace, whether a standard user or admin, can create and edit customized Check-ins. If you’re just looking to explore the feature, you may want to create a test schedule rather than edit the schedule(s) currently set within your workspace.

The default Check-in schedule

Before you create a new customized Check-in, note that your workspace currently has a default schedule, which you can edit. This is the setting that is used for all individuals and teams within your workspace.

Here’s how we’ve set the details for the default customized Check-in setting:

  • Participants: Everyone
  • Check-in days: All weekdays
  • Check-in reminder: 9:00 AM
  • Check-in summary sent: 1:00 PM
  • Time zone: Distributed

This default setting applies to all team members using Range who have not been given a more specific customization. You can either modify the default schedule or create a new one by following the steps below.

Creating a new customized Check-in schedule

If there’s a team within your workspace that has or would prefer a slightly different setting than the default schedule, here’s how to create a new Check-in Schedule.

To begin, navigate to Check-in customization in your settings and then click the blue Customize another team button, which will take you to the following page.

Creating a new Check-in Schedule

You can also access this page from the Team Overview page, as shown below. Click Edit next to Schedule at the top of the page and you will be taken to the editing screen.

GIF of Team Overview to customized Check-ins

Select participants

When creating a new customized Check-in you’re going to need to select a team to apply it to. You can select:

  • Existing team — If this customization is for an existing team, select a team from the dropdown presented to you.
  • New team — If the team does not yet exist, click ‘Create new team’ and complete the prompts presented to you (enter a team name, select whether it’s open or invite-only, and confirm the URL). Then click the blue ‘Create’ button.
  • Multiple teams — If you intend this customization to be used by more than one team, select your first time from the dropdown and then click Add another team below.

Set the schedule

To edit an existing schedule, click on the team whose schedule you want to edit. To create a new schedule for a team, click the Customize another team button and selected the team.

By default, this option will be set to daily such that your team runs check-ins Monday through Friday. If, however, you wish to run check-ins less frequently or on specific days then click to select Custom.

Next, click on specific days of the week to select or unselect them. The days of the week chosen for your schedule will be shown in blue.

Example use case: Your engineering team holds its standups on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In order to spend more time discussing work and unblocking progress during these synchronous meetings, you want to have everyone on your team publish their Check-ins prior to your standups so you can remove the round-robin status update portion of standups that eats up too much time.

Schedule the reminder time

Based on the individual notification settings of you and your team members, Range will send you a reminder each day that you are scheduled to publish a Check-in. The time set during this step will adjust when those reminders — sent via email, Slack, or desktop notifications — are sent. Select the time that best suits your team and its existing workflows.

Schedule the summary time

The Check-in summary is a notification that shows who has checked in each day and links to Range where you can read full Check-ins.

You can think of the summary time for your team as the time by which you would like everyone to have published their Check-in. At this time, team members will be sent a summary of all the Check-ins submitted that day — again, sent via email, Slack, or desktop.

Note: You and your team members will still be able to publish Check-ins for the day even if you miss the summary time set by your customized Check-in. Check-ins submitted after the summary time simply won’t be included in the summary for that day.

Manage time zones

The final step in creating customized Check-ins is determining how you want to manage time zones. There are two options.

Distributed — Send notifications in teammates’ local time zone when possible.

  • Example: If the reminder time is 9:00 AM and Distributed is chosen, a teammate on the east coast of the US will get a reminder at 9:00 AM Eastern Time and a teammate on the west coast of the US will get a reminder at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Synchronized — Send notifications at the same time, in the schedule’s timezone (which you set).

  • Example: If the reminder time is 9:00 AM and Synchronized is chosen with Eastern Time as the customization’s timezone, then teammates on both the east and west coasts of the US will get a reminder at 9:00 AM Eastern Time.

Tip: You might use the synchronized option here if your team or company is mostly based in a single time zone — for example, your company’s headquarters. While you might have a number of people operating in other time zones, you might have a specific meeting or time by which you want everyone’s Check-ins published.

Give it a try

You’re now ready to create and manage customized Check-in schedules for your team in Range.

After creating your first customization or adjusting the default setting, you’ll soon figure out what works best for your team and how you all work.

Create or edit a Check-in schedule

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