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A new community for engineering leaders who aspire to create better working environments for their teams.

Connect, share, and grow with other other engineering leaders.

These leaders know that creating work cultures where personal growth and company growth go hand-in-hand, where productivity and well-being are not in conflict, and where everyone feels empowered to do their best work can be transformative for those who participate.

Lead Time is a community created for engineering leaders by engineering leaders. It's a space where we can learn from each other, discuss ideas, and share challenges as we collectively map the road to “better.”

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  1. Curiosity with kindness
  2. Empathy with compassion
  3. Empowerment with inclusion
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  • Thoughtful discussions on the topics you most care about
  • Tactical strategies to help you become an even more effective leader
  • A carefully moderated environment that feels safe for you to ask questions, share experiences, provide resources, etc.
  • Curated events, including community office hours, facilitated member 1:1s, and AMAs with curated engineering thought leaders
  • Early access to resources from our community members, and member-only events

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Thanks for wanting to make the workplaces of tomorrow, better than they are today

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As part of the Lead Time, we’re excited to introduce Lead Time Chats, a new engineering leadership interview series.

Jean Hsu, Range’s VP of Engineering, who has extensive experience coaching individual contributors, tech leads, managers, CTOs, will be interviewing engineering leaders from companies across the tech spectrum, such as Will Larson, Duretti Hirpa, Gergely Orosz, Lara Hogan, Cate Huston, and more. Episode 1 is below and we'll be continuing the discussion on the Lead Time Community.

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Thanks for wanting to make the workplaces of tomorrow better than they are today