Meet Range: Daily updates done right.

Range helps your team share quick daily updates like this.

A Range Update

How Range Works

Range is a daily habit that keeps everyone connected

Alarm clock

Morning reminder

Each morning teammates get a reminder to plan their day in Range.

Several product logos

Range gathers work

In the background, Range gathers recent work from the tools you use.

Hand writing

Share an update

Teammates assemble and share an update about their work.

Icons for Gmail and Slack

Stay connected

Updates get delivered to the right people, so everyone’s connected.

The easiest way to write updates

Writing an update in Range

Import completed work

Range makes it easy to write a great update by automatically importing work from the tools you use. If you’ve edited a Google doc, opened a GitHub PR, or modified a Mockup in Dropbox, it’ll be in Range and ready to share.

All your tasks in one place

Range pulls together assigned issues from GitHub, tasks from Asana, tickets from Jira, and your upcoming meetings in Google Calendar, so you can plan your day in one place.

Finally know what’s happening

Notifications in Range

Email summaries

Get daily and weekly summaries from the teams you care about. See at a glance what’s happened and how everyone is doing.

Works with Slack

Range can deliver updates right to your team’s Slack channel. And you can use Slack Actions to add anything in Slack to your Range update.

Get to know your team

Team questions in Range

See how your team is feeling

Range encourages everyone to take a moment to reflect on their own mood each day. This simple practice can improve team communication.

Build trust with daily questions

It’s important to build trust on fast-changing teams. So Range asks daily questions that are designed by team coaches to help people get to know each other and work better together. The questions are super fun and surprisingly effective.

Celebrate great work

Adding reactions in Range

Let people know their work matters

Range makes it easy to thank teammates for their work with Emojis that grow as more people react. You can even leave a comment to follow up or just to say thanks.

Celebrate accomplishments in meetings

It’s easy to forget all the things that happen in a week. Range makes retrospectives and team meetings easy by highlighting the most celebrated work that’s happened over the past few weeks.

Start using Range with your team

Getting started is easy. We’ll help you every step of the way.