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With Range, you can reduce coordination overhead so that everyone has more time for work that matters.

Check-ins done right

Daily standups help everyone stay in sync. But most tools are so annoying to use that it’s impossible to get your team on board.

Range changes that by making check-ins incredibly easy with smart suggestions from the tools you use. And with Range, check-ins are actually fun because you’re building trust along the way.

  • Keep your team in sync with 5 minutes a day
  • Identify blockers and help teammates get unstuck
  • Log accomplishments for performance reviews
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Smart suggestions
for your check-ins

Range suggests work from the tools you already use, so you can create a great check-in in just a few minutes.


Objectives you won’t forget about

For many teams, goals are hidden in hard to find documents. And when goals are hard to find, it makes it harder for teams to have focus, harder for managers to track goals, and nearly impossible for teams to know what other teams are working towards.

Range lets you keep all your team’s goals and OKRs in one place. But more importantly, Range helps teams review objectives in meetings, and helps individuals update objectives regularly with check-ins.

  • Build shared awareness by keeping objectives in one place
  • Get more focus on goals by reviewing in team meetings
  • Track progress by seeing contributed work
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Meetings with less busywork

A well structured meeting with great follow-up helps work move forward. But too often we all forget to do the simple things that lead to great meetings. Don't waste precious meeting time by being unprepared.

Range helps you structure recurring meetings, so that you remember to cover important topics. It helps you increase accountability by checking in on action items and goals. And it sends out notes to everyone, automatically.

  • Build a structure for your recurring meeting
  • Increase accountability by reviewing action items
  • Send out notes automatically after each meeting
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Team building
that really works

Building a foundation of trust is crucial for all teams. But creating trust is harder than ever before. Remote work and fast-changing organizational structures makes it hard for a team to feel like a team.

Range helps teams build trust through daily questions designed by expert coaches to get everyone working better together. You’ll have a blast getting to know your teammates, their working styles, how they approach feedback, and more.

  • Continuously invest in culture each day
  • Build trust with daily team-building questions
  • Know how people are feeling with emoji moods
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Range for enterprise

Silos form naturally when teams don’t know what each other are doing. And with silos come duplicated effort, inefficiencies, mistrust, turf wars, and other organizational problems.

Range breaks down silos by making it easy for teams to see what other teams are doing. With Range, you can easily pull up any team to see their goals, recent meetings, shared files, and more.

  • Break down silos by encouraging transparency
  • Increase alignment by making goals easy to find
  • Follow any team to get regular updates
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“Range has been an indispensable way to increase transparency, trust, productivity, and connectedness.”

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