Capture quick, contextualized meeting notes that move work forward

Meeting notes should get folks up to speed — not slow them down. Replace lengthy docs with structured takeaways that the whole team can navigate in just a few clicks.

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With Range, it's easier to set up repeating team meetings, which means they're more effective and shorter.

Adam Whitlock, Site Reliability Engineer at CircleCI

Why take notes in Range instead of a doc?

Range agendas surface the most important information from across your team's workflow in one place. Review shared notes, personal notes, action items, and related work in seconds — without opening multiple tools and tabs.
Build meeting readiness into every agenda

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Build meeting readiness into every agenda

Add personal notes to any agenda topic in advance. Document ideas as you think of them so you can show up to every meeting prepared to contribute.

Take useful notes in multiplayer mode

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Take useful notes in multiplayer mode

Replace free-form docs with simple building blocks for tracking action items and takeaways. Use the spinner to assign note taking responsibilities in real time.

Add context to your meeting notes

step 3

Add context to your meeting notes

Attach work items from 75+ apps or upload images directly to any agenda topic. Click the History toggle to review past notes at a glance, without derailing the discussion.

Stay in the know after the meeting

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Stay in the know after the meeting

When the meeting ends, share notes automatically via email, Slack, or MS Teams. Keep tabs on action items and decisions, no matter where you're working.

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Why today's teams choose Range

Range is where teams check in on work — and the human stuff, too. Share async updates and run purposeful meetings that bring your team closer to each other and your goals.
Range ✨Standup slackbots (i.e. Geekbot, Standuply, Status Hero)Meeting tools (i.e. Hugo, Fellow, Hyper Context)Team-building tools (i.e. Donut)OKR Tools (i.e. Ally)Async Communication Tools (i.e. Friday)
Run daily Check-ins
Timezone sensitive
Flag Check-in items for meetings
Mood insights
Deep integrations
Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications
Check-in from Slack
Meeting notes and objective updates in Slack
Track work activity in 75+ apps
Sync teams with Google Groups
Meeting facilitation
Spinner designed for remote meetings
Review goals
Automate meeting note distribution
Action items connected to Check-ins
Team building
Culture questions
Team profiles
Inter-team communication
Asynchronous team-building
Goal setting
Connect daily work to Goals
Goal tracking
Optimized for remote work
Both async and sync tools
Team-first design