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Feeling stuck? Need feedback? Raise a flag to notify your teammates to help get unblocked.

Use flags when it's important

Range lets you share critical bits of information with Flags. When you're sharing a Check-in, add a Flag to any item, and Range will make sure your teammates see your flag with Email and Slack notifications.

Feeling stuck?

Range helps you find opportunities to collaborate with your teammates. Need input on an idea before you can move forward? Use a Feedback flag and you'll get advice in no time. Feeling really stuck? Use a Blocked flag.

Celebrate accomplishments

You can use flags to make sure your teammates know they're doing great work. Add a Celebrate flag to highlight big moments. Or recognize teammates with a simple Thanks.

Log decisions & milestones

It's important to communicate big moments on your team. You can flag a tough Decision, to make sure everyone's aware of it. And you can use Flags to log other important moments, like a team Milestone.

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Range Flags have helped my teams identify and unblock blockers faster.

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