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Range is the place for remote & hybrid teams to check in with each other, both async and real-time. Feel like a team, wherever you are.

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Range makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of what my team is doing, and what they're feeling. Particularly during the remote coronavirus lockdown, this has become invaluable.

Ben W., Head of Engineering at ForUsAll

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What is Range?

Range is an integrated approach for connecting your work and your team.
Run async check-ins

virtual standups

Run async check-ins

Share status updates without disrupting the flow of work. Effortlessly know what's happening and how people are doing.

Facilitate better meetings

meetings and 1:1s

Facilitate better meetings

Keep track of agenda topics, action items, and notes. Take the work out of having collaborative, engaging, and fun meetings.

Connect goals to day to day work

OKRs and goals

Connect goals to day to day work

Align your team with shared goals that connect to daily plans. See progress across tools and touch-points.

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The best way to run high performing teams

Unlike other tools, Range is purpose-built for distributed teams. Check in on work, and the human stuff too, so everyone feels valued and engaged.
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Check in on how people are feeling as well as what they are doing.

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Find the right balance between asynchronous comms and live meetings.

Illustration of recent activity across integrations in Range

Get a complete picture of how work is progressing across tools and touch points.

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Connect your tools

Silence notifications from other tools, and focus on what matters most

Microsoft Teams
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Google Groups

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Better remote work for high-performing teams

  • Run async check-ins
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools
  • Keep your team feeling connected
  • Track what matters without micromanaging
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Range helps Wellthy maintain our culture, foster transparency and accountability among the team, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and stay on top of what’s important.