Teamwork Simplified

Range takes the work out of daily team check-ins. So you can stay in sync, and feel more like a team.

You should know what your team is working on. But do you?

Work is more complex than ever. Your team is distributed across offices and timezones, working on multiple goals, and using dozens of tools. No wonder it’s hard to know what’s happening! We built Range for you.

Run a simple daily check-in, that your team will actually enjoy

Daily check-ins are a proven way to keep teams in sync. But holding a meeting every day wastes valuable time. Range lets everyone check-in at their own pace, and has deep integrations to make check-ins a breeze.

Check-ins on Range

Plan your day with all your tasks in one place

Range helps you plan your day, and check in with your team, in one easy-to-use interface. Instead of opening a dozen tabs each morning, you can use Range to see assigned tasks and completed work across all your tools.

Range feed

Know what’s happening on your team

With daily check-ins, you can see what teammates are planning to do, and what they’ve done recently. Get deep links to the underlying work, so you can share feedback earlier in the process. Help each other out, by seeing who's blocked or needs feedback.

Objectives on Range

Keep everyone aligned with #objectives

Range uses lightweight objectives powered by #hashtags. That way, anyone can tag work that’s related to any objective. You can start simple, and then scale your objectives with teams, owners, status, nesting, and more.

Always know what’s happening with any of your team’s goals

Range lets you finally track progress on your objectives. You can drill down on any goal to see related daily check-ins. And because Range’s integrations make it easy to include links, you can drill down further to see docs, designs, and code related to any objective.

Feel like a team, even when you’re not in the same place.

Range’s team-building features help you stay connected. Get to know your teammates, build trust, and celebrate great work together.

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