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Keep your team more connected, focused, and productive no matter where they are working.

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Adapt your team to a new world of work with Check-ins

Managers and teams use powerful status updates to stay in sync and on track.
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Keep your team on track without micromanaging

Know who’s working on what, who needs help, and how they’re feeling with daily async Check-ins.
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Help your team grow closer even when everyone’s apart

Answer daily team questions, share moods, and give thanks to build trust and strengthen the foundations of teamwork.
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Works with all the tools your team uses

From Jira tickets to Docs, add items to your Check-in a few clicks, then share with your team in Range, Slack or Microsoft Teams.
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Plan your day and share progress in minutes

Move work forward and build better work habits.
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With Range check-ins, it doesn't matter if we're in different cities or countries, we still know what each other is working on and the plan for the day.

More in sync

More in sync

  • Know your team is working on the right things with Check-ins
  • Easily see who needs help, give encouragement, and draw attention to important work
  • Break down silos across your team and organization
More productive

More productive

  • Stop wasting time in unproductive status meetings with Check-ins
  • Keep everyone in the loop and move work forward faster
  • From Slack App to Microsoft Teams, easily fit Range to the way your work
  • Add the apps you use make Check-ins richer
  • Build better work habits every day so teams can be effective and efficient, even when WFH
More connected

More connected

  • Build culture every day, even when everyone’s WFH
  • Strengthen trust and foster meaningful teamwork moments
  • Near or far, know how your team is feeling
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Range fits with how your team works

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Works seamlessly with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Teams love how easy it is to get started using Range in Slack App and Microsoft Teams.
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Apps help you know how work is moving forward

Teammates can add apps from the App Directory to make writing Check-ins fast and easy.
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Add any webpage to your Check-in with Range Sync for Chrome

Build your Check-in throughout the day by capturing work as it happens.
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