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Improve the way your team works

Range is the only team-coordination tool that builds high-performance culture.

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Range can help your team:

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Teams that work across disciplines on innovative projects need pathways to keep everyone informed.

When people can’t easily figure out what’s happening, they waste time in extra meetings, instead of accomplishing their goals.

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Build stronger

Teams that are growing and changing need ways to build trust and safety quickly.

When relationships are weak, misunderstandings happen more often, and it’s harder for people to collaborate on challenging problems.

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great work

Teams that are moving fast need to look back and recognize their accomplishments.

When great work isn’t celebrated, people find it dificult to know how they’re doing, and are more likely to experience burnout.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses

Range is used by small startups and large companies alike.

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Inspired by standups

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Range is inspired by standup meetings, where small teams share updates every day. There’s magic in this daily habit.

But as teams grow, standups stop working. Either status meetings become too large and boring, or information becomes siloed into small sub-teams. Standup tools have promise, but they just don’t work: writing a daily update is a chore, teams miss connecting in person, and managers can’t make sense of anything at scale.

Daily updates done right

Range is a daily habit that helps people plan their day and share what's happened with their team.

Range makes writing updates easy by connecting to your tools and automatically importing work that’s happened. So if you’ve checked off a task, wrote some code, or edited a design file, it’s already in Range.

Teams love using Range because it’s actually fun. Range helps teammates get to know each other through questions designed by professional team coaches.

Managers find Range essential for strengthening relationships, busting silos, and understanding what’s happening across the entire organization.

Imagine your whole company in sync and engaged, just like a small team doing effective standups. That’s what Range is designed to do.

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You’re busy

We know what it’s like to struggle to find an hour for lunch, let alone find time to actually get work done. With everything going on, it’s dificult to invest in your team’s culture.

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Range can help

We designed Range as the tool we wished we had in our previous jobs leading teams. A few minutes in Range can save you hours each week writing update emails and attending sync meetings.

Range helps you build a high-performance culture

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Keeps everyone


Range helps everyone know what’s going on with the teams they care about. It delivers relevant updates to just the right people.

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Builds strong

Range helps teammates get to know each other, build trust, and work through topics like understanding each other’s communication styles.

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Because Range knows what’s happening, it’s just one click for teammates to thank each other and celebrate work that matters.

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