How to help teams realize their full potential

a primer

Nick Walsh,Yellow Squiggle
A primer on how to help your team realize their full potential.

People hear “team success” and it sounds straightforward. Pretty much everyone agrees successful teams are a good thing. But as we’ve been talking to different groups about this space, from customers to pundits, we realized there’s a need to better define it. Not just what it is, but how to develop successful teams, and what the output is.

We think this is especially timely because of all the focus on teams. They’re now seen as the core unit of work, and a great team is the aspiration — organizations want to create them, managers want to build them, people want to be part of them.

So we set out to clarify our perspective on team success. The result is a primer called Team Success: How to help teams realize their full potential.

It’s a free download, and talks about team success as a new, emergent discipline, one that great leaders are practicing, sharing, and researching. It’s not just about company-level engagement or HR terms, or performance management or employee engagement — it’s about how your team is operating day-to-day.

As we’ve developed Range, we’ve talked to innovative leaders across companies, read academic research (and talked to the experts who wrote the research), and even took creative ideas from all the progressive communities and Slack groups we could find. What we learned was that team success has two sides: what you need and what you get. On the one side, team success is a discipline — the practice and art of creating the conditions for your team to be successful. And on the other side? The actual success — the benefits and attributes of being a successful team.

Above all, more and more, we’re learning that wellbeing and productivity don’t have to be a tradeoff. Your team can meet their goals and be happy at work.

We hope you enjoy the primer, and thanks for helping build great teams.

Download the team success primer

Our mission is to craft new ways for organizations, teams, and individuals to unlock their full potential. That's what we believe team success is all about.

To learn more about team success, click here to download the primer.

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How to help teams realize their full potential
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